Corrective Action Plan (CAP) management

VERITAS Engineering & Consultant (VEC) is one of the leading safety audit, consultancy & Construction firms in Bangladesh working in industrial, commercial and residential sectors especially in Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector since last decade. VEC has been accomplished & successfully completed a project for the assessment of Structural integrity, Electrical and Fire safety of RMG sector, under the National Initiative (NI) supported by International Labour Organization (ILO) & DIFE. In this project, over 1900+ safety assessments, 2100+ CAP Follow up & 725 CAP Validation have been successfully completed, which is the highest number of assessment completed by a single enterprise in Bangladesh.

VTL has successfully completed a large number (200+ ACCORD, ALLIANCE & DIFE) of Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA),(CAP) management for structural integrity, fire and electrical safety and (25+) Construction Project in Industrial, Commercial & Residential Sector.

The scope of work in this CAP Management is split into 3 distinct phases:

Structural Integrity:

The following activities and sequences will be followed in this project:

  • Development of Full Engineering As-Built Drawings showing structure,  loading, elements, dimensions, levels, foundations and framing on Plan, Section and Elevation drawing
  • The engineering team is to carry out supporting calculations with a model based design check to assess the safety and serviceability of the building against loading as set out in BNBC-2006, Lower rate provisions can be applied in accordance with the Tripartite Guidelines following international engineering practice and justification for these lower rate provisions must be made.
  • A report on engineering tests carried out to justify material strengths and reinforcement content in all key elements studied.
  • Detailed load plans will be prepared for each level showing current and potential future loading with all key equipment items shown with associated load
  • The Engineering team will prepare an assessment report that covers the following:
    1. As-Built drawings including:
      • Plans at each level calling up and dimensioning all structural componen
      • Cross sectional drawings showing structural beams, slabs, floor to floor heights, roof build-ups and basic design information of the structu
    2. Results of testing for strength and material
  • Details of loading, inputs and results of computer modeli
  1. Commentary on adequacy/inadequacy of elements of the structure
  2. Floor Load plan


  • As-built structural drawings.
  • As-built Architectural Drawings.
  • Carry out in situ concrete stresses either by 100mm dia. cores or existing cylinder strength data for stresses column.
  • Results of testing for strength and materials.
  • Details of loading, inputs and results of computer modeling.
  • Commentary on adequacy/inadequacy of elements of the structure.
  • Floor Load plans.
  • Retrofitting Design & Drawing

Electrical Safety:

The following activities and sequences will be followed in this project:

  • Modification & review the as built drawing.
  • Develop and deployment of the NFPA 70 electrical safety program as per ACCORD/Alliance/NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE)
  • Re-assessment of electrical layout design for remaining load supervision.
  • Assessment of each electrical wire size according to the capacity of circuit breaker as per BNBC/NTPA & Accord/Alliance/NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE)
  • Assessment or re-assessment of the electrical load management scheme according to load capacity.
  • Fixing & arrangement of clear marking for all distribution board as BNBC, ACCORD, Alliance, NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE) standard.
  • Entire suggestion of how to keep/maintain the documents of all safety programs.
  • Provide the report and suggest for the optimized solution for each NC of CAP (for electrical system condition, electrical maintenance, electrical system information and electrical lighting system) provided by Accord/Alliance/ILO.
  • A thorough visual inspection of the entire electrical system to identify circuit components, visual defects, visual circuit inconsistency and deviation from design, damaged component, sign of overheat, and sign of any other potential problems.


  • Complete SLD for all DBs, MDBs, LT and Substation etc.
  • Design & Installation of Lightening Protection System (LPS).
  • Insulation & Earth Test Report
  • Thermography Scanning Test.
  • List of non-compliance issue with optimized solution in brief.
  • All maintenance documents.

Fire Safety:

The following activities and sequences will be followed in this project:

  • Provide or verify the full set of existing Design & Drawing (if any) related to fire safety and compliance issue according to BNBC, NFPA, ACCORD, and Alliance & NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE)
  • Review and provide the suggestions for preparation of all the compliance documents.
  • To solve all the non-compliance issue physically and documentarily.
  • Provide all Firefighting schemes drawing according to BNBC, NFPA, ACCORD, Alliance & NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE) standard.
  • Provide all Fire detection and alarm system Design & Drawing according to BNBC, NFPA, ACCORD, Alliance & NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE) standard with Schematic Diagram.
  • Suggestion of how to keep/maintain the documents & program schemes for testing and  inspection of the materials like extinguisher, smoke detector, fire door, fire alarm system, emergency light etc.
  • Provide the design of the required rated construction barrier (if needed).
  • Provide the report and suggest for the optimized solution for each CAP (Corrective Action Plan) management of overall fire safety system according with existing condition.
  • Feasibility study of the development (upon existing ailment of the factory & refer to the responsible person).


  • Fire detection and alarm system Design,Drawing Installation with Schematic Diagram.
  • Fire Hydrant System Drawing & Installation.
  • As-Built Machine Layout Plan
  • All maintenance documents.
  • All Training documents.