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Electrical design & drawing consultancy firm in Bangladesh

Toto Power Electrical Audit firm in Bangladesh. An electrical design & drawing consultancy firm in Bangladesh is a leading Electrical contractor in Bangladesh services provider company that offers electrical drawings, electrical schematic drawings, electrical design drafting, panel design, control panel design, electrical instrumentation drafting, and electrical layout drawings at economical prices.

There are several minute details that make up the electrical wiring diagrams. And there are still many more to consider when creating effective lighting and power distribution plan and drawing. A very high degree of accuracy is a prerequisite to using panel and design and success harnesses of wires and designs. Designing electric devices and highly accurate  2D and 3D CAD drawings and models demand expertise as well as experience.


Electrical Audit design & drawing Objective:

  • To ensure dedicated, trustworthy, and better quality electrical design and drawings
  • To decrease overheads considerably
  • To rake in significant cost advantages
  • To add greater value to your electrical engineering drawings and electrical system design solutions

With extensive industry experience, with more than a 6-year-long track record in successful project delivery conforming to international standards, and with a continually increasing clientele spreading across continents, we modestly claim our competency in the domain of electrical engineering design and drafting outsourcing.

Our team is familiar with electrical engineering drawings requirements for a variety of projects:

  • Fabrication of Electrical Machines and Motors
  • Electrical Power Distribution System Design
  • Lighting System Design
  • Access Control / CCTV / Telecommunication / System Integration / PA Systems

The challenges in electrical design drawings projects are not less, as symbols and specifications vary across geographical frontiers. Our team studies thoroughly the design specifications and standards forwarded by the clients, and it ensures that requirements are fulfilled to perfection.

We use programs and tools that fit our customers’ needs. The team has the ability to manage large volume electrical CAD drawings requirements within minimum time, thus helping you to benefit from high productivity levels.

We manufacture 2D and 3D electric drawing solutions for the following:

  • Lighting System Layouts Design
  • Power Layout Plans Detailing Electrical Appliances and Systems Design
  • Luminaries, Power Equipment and Devices Counts
  • Terminations Diagrams Design
  • Control Circuits Design
  • LV/HV Electrical Devices
  • Panel Schedule
  • Material List
  • Telecommunication Distribution system plans and drawings including structured cabling, telecom room, etc.
  • Audio Video Systems Plans and Diagrams
  • Security Systems Drawings
  • CATV
  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Clock

We provide support to engineering consultants specializing in construction and MEP, architectural firms, electrical contractors, and CADD services firms, among others.

Our team of electrical design specialists expresses expertise, Electrical Audit, training, knowledge, passion, and experience. These are overseen by highly experienced and qualified electrical engineers with extensive experience in the domain. We only employ the best. Our team is passionate about delivering high-quality electrical design and drafting solutions, committed to meeting business needs and the needs of their clients.

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