Fire Safety in Bangladesh

fire safety in bangladesh

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As a fire safety company in Bangladesh, we protect lives and properties. Be it home or business, our services are fit for all. We provide full-service fire safety services in Bangladesh.

We have worked with commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. We provide products, fire safety plans in Bangladesh for fire protection.

Toto has a team of certified technicians, inspectors, engineers. Our team ensures your protection with a robust fire safety plan. From design to maintenance, each step accords to national regulations, codes.  We train you on fire safety products and necessary steps. Toto power engineering provides broad fire safety solutions. We commit ourselves to the preservation of life from fire damage.

Our products and services


Our fire sprinkler functions whenever an emergency arises. We perform a test to check the performance after installation. We have around-the-clock technician team that provides on-demand service. Our products and services full accord by the latest national code.

Our engineers use the latest Autosprink fire sprinkler. We use CAD design software for drawing 2D and 3D models. We use an electronic format to illustrate the installation system. If you want, we can integrate your information into our design.


A successful fire sprinkler has some characteristics. Smooth operation, proper installation, monitoring, are some. Our team always stays up to date with the safety regulations. We are capable of providing you the latest technology installation techniques. We always use the newest technology, regulations, and equipment.

Service and monitoring:

We provide prompt service 365 days a year. Our team is readily available to help you out 24 hours a day. We use automation technology to provide you with alarm monitoring services. We can add a new monitoring system or update the existing one.


Certain situations call for special hazard suppression. Our certified engineers will provide you alternatives to the wet sprinkler system. Our team works closely with you so that we can determine the best suppression system for you. We install high inspection foam suppression systems like CO2, FM200 Systems.

We design the suppression systems and get them installed too. .Fire suppression systems designed by us are quick at responding


We develop a unique fire suppression system for particular spaces. They are capable of detecting fire or heat quickly. Early detection allows early notice to people around them. That way, it is easier to evacuate people from the spot. They can suppress the light and provides early alarms. So before the system gets activated, it is easier for p[eople to leave immediately. Our highly trained team will engineer a unique system suitable for your needs.

Testing and inspection

At Toto power engineering, we perform a room integrity test to make sure the efficiency of the system. We ensure that the system is capable of retaining the chemicals or gas in the room.


Fire alarm and detection systems are compulsory to detect fire at an early stage. With our trained and experienced workforce, we provide you a complete detection system. At Toto power engineering, our clients get professional service. Installation follows inspection and repair services. Our fire alarm system will notify emergency situations allowing you to respond quickly.

Full-service fire alarm system

Our mission is to provide safety with full service. So we deliver alarm and detection systems with repair service and monitoring systems. Each of our inspectors, technicians, are knowledgeable. We provide installation of the system, training, and repair service. Repair services include battery maintenance, customer service, cleaning, and testing of the system. Our services are not limited to that. We additionally offer a monitoring service to ease your worries. Monitoring services will help you during an emergency. In no time, an available team will reach you out in those situations.


  • Fire alarm systems installation
  • Fire alarm system inspection
  • Repair service
  • Monitoring
  • Fire alarm systems testing
  • Fire detection systems

Why choose us Toto fire safety in Bangladesh

Toto power engineering is a trusted name for fire safety in Bangladesh. We understand that it is better to prevent an accident. After all, it is harder to recover from losses.  A proper fire safety systems in your home or office will prevent or cut the damage. A simple step could prevent the unseen. Toto has rightfully earned a reputation for fire safety system services. Our expert services are available in Dhaka. Ensuring safety is our business, and we know our job. Above all, expect high-quality, durable products, services, and customer satisfaction from Toto.