Lightning protection system in Bangladesh

Thunderstorms or lightning happen almost everywhere in the world including Bangladesh. Thunderstorms can create almost 100 lightning per second where each lightning can damage any building or any type of structure. Here, lightning discharges carry an outstanding amount of electrical energy. This significant weather hazard can be measured from the several thousand amperes over 200,000 amperes sufficient to light up five hundred thousand 100-watt bulbs. Though nothing in this world may prevent lightning from striking, you can protect your property from this wreaking havoc by taking help from the lightning protection system in Bangladesh.

Why is a lightning protection system important?

These gigantic electric sparks that travel 60,000m per second cause building damages, destroy trees, human injury, or death. So before knowing the importance of LPS, let’s know some facts about the lightning strike-

  • Creates heat about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is hotter than the sun.
  • Able to strike at the same place more than twice or more.
  • At the same time, it can strike multiple places.
  • Each lightning bolt can be as long as 90 miles.
  • It heats the nearby air to around 10,000 degrees Celsius.


lightning protection system in bangladesh

You should be aware of all these risks and take measures accordingly. Each stroke can cause fire, mechanical disruption, or even chemical explosions around the structures. LPS installation in Bangladesh can protect your home, property, health, and life from lightning strikes. Besides, lightning not only causes external damages but also damages your modern equipment or a system like computers, CCTV system, base station, building management systems, and others. So lightning protection system in Bangladesh needs to be taken by all the people.

How do the lightning protection system (LPS) design and installation work in Bangladesh?

A natural phenomenon of thunderstorms, its lightning can produce more than 100 volts of voltage with each stroke. It’s considered the greatest hazard on the earth. The main purpose of designing and installing the lightning protection system is to ensure the protection of people, the environment, and infrastructure from the most destructive occasion thunderstorm that cause lightning.

Let’s not have this misconception ‘LPS prevent lightning striking over the infrastructure’. Nothing on this earth has the ability to prevent such a natural disaster. Lightning protection systems only intercept each lightning stroke and provide a conductive way through which the dangerous electrical discharge can disperse its power into the earth ground. Besides the factors lightning protection system measures-

  • The current parameter of lightning in the event of a thunderstorm.
  • The maximum and minimum protection level and the design value against the lightning.
  • These values determine the dimension of lightning protection system elements. For example- The consistency of the metal sheet, updated capacity of the surge arresters, and position of LPS sensors against the electric sparks.

lightninh protection system design & installion


Lightning Rods

A component that is designed to ensure the safety of homes or buildings against thunderstorms. A properly connected lightning rod can minimize the chances of striking lightning and also the side flashes. The UL-listed copper or aluminum cables (lightning rods) help to prevent direct strikes.

Down Conductors

It helps to protect the internal system from very powerful lightning. It needs to be installed in a particular way through which it provides a conductive path for the powerful electrics to disperse its energy to the ground.

Earth Rods

It can also be referred to as the Earthing system. To perform its protection function, it needs a connection to the earth. You can measure the earth resistance value as a future reference by conducting test points.

Who should take the LPS installation service in Bangladesh?

BNBC or Bangladesh National Building Code recommends ‘Lightning Arrestors’ for buildings over 22m high and it provides clear regulations to set up such a system mandatory for buildings higher than 33m. besides the international organizations doing business in our country make LPS mandatory for every industry enlisted with them.

Haunting memories caused by lightning in Bangladesh

  • More than 3000 people have been killed in lightning strikes in the last five years in our country.
  • Recently Bangladesh has experienced 40 thunderstorms in one square kilometer.
  • More than 2000 people died in lightning strikes from 2010 to 2019. 16 people died up to May 2021.
  • More than 400 people have been injured in a rural area because of such an event in 2021.
  • On average, more than 250 people are dying each year due to thunder strikes in Bangladesh.


Our nature’s most ravenous event, lightning strikes can be harmful to mankind for various reasons. But the lightning protection system in Bangladesh helps to minimize such problems. With years of experience, we have the expertise to provide effective support to every size of buildings both small and large. Our guaranteed service and safeguarding materials can protect your property and also cultural assets. Our main purpose is to provide lightning protection system (LPS) design & Installation in Bangladesh. Our toto power engineering expertise ensures the best quality installation and satisfactory customer service.