Single line diagram (SLD) firm in Bangladesh

A single line diagram which may also be referred to as a one-line diagram, it’s a simplified notion that represents the facilities of electrical distribution infrastructure. Through this diagram, you may learn about the graphical image of the power system. The single line diagram is different from the other diagram because each circuit of a single line diagram should be represented by a single line. The standardized schematic symbols show electrical elements such as conductors, circuit breakers, bus bars or cables, transformers, and capacitors. TOTO POWER Engineering is a single line diagram (SLD) firm in Bangladesh that provides a user-friendly interface by which creating and managing the network database is very much easy.

What are the key features of a single-line diagram?

Auto build: To create or to edit the single line diagram, an automated and powerful tool is Auto build. It can significantly reduce the time of creating a line diagram if anyone uses the rule-based design.

  • Automated creation of a one-line diagram but don’t leave the toolbar Of Equipment’s
  • Creating quick and automated single-line diagram generation.
  • The spacing and alignment rules are automatic.
  • No need for dragging, dropping, or connecting.

Composite network: Composite network means a sub-network that can project or represent a portion of a model as a single element. It provides the simpler and more organized appearance of a network. With an unlimited number of sub-networks, one can make a nest of the composite network. This type of network has features –

  • Unlimited lines.
  • Locating and sizing facility defined by the user.
  • Properties and results can be visualized.

Theme manager:  For individual one-lined diagrams, the different themes can be set by the theme manager. Besides based on the ETAP defaults, earthing, area, ground, and level of voltage themes may contain color code. One may also add an option for contouring. This functionality will allow you to place a user-friendly color map behind the single-line diagram. The result format display/hide based on-

  • Type of equipment.
  • State of equipment.
  • Level of zoom.
  • Data blocks.
  • Results of study

The benefits of a single line diagram

A single line diagram firm in Bangladesh should provide an effective one-line diagram that will show the connection of the electrical system with the main components.  There’re several benefits of a single lined diagram, let’s know some of them-

  • It helps in identifying when to conduct troubleshooting.
  • It simplifies the process of troubleshooting.
  • An accurate one-line diagram will ensure the safety of the personnel activity.
  • With applicable standards, it helps to meet compliance.
  • Safer and more trusted operation of the facility can be ensured.
  • Helps to identify the potential source of electric energy.
  • A fault location can be identified.

Why does the single line diagram need to be updated?

The importance of updating the single line diagram is not negotiable. Updating a single line diagram is necessary from many safety aspects. Besides an updated one-line diagram will-

  • Calculate short circuit currents.
  • Ensure the safety of the available documents.
  • Evaluate safety studies.
  • Contain efficient maintenance.
  • Calculate incident energy.
  • Provide a brief map of equipment and redundancy.
  • Provide protection against any malfunction.

Scopes of a single lined diagram.

If you want to see an accurate picture of your electrical system, you may go through the following points. Besides you should keep in mind that TOTO POWER Engineering is a popular single line diagram (SLD) firm in Bangladesh.

  • Incoming lines depend on voltage and size.
  • The arrival of main fuses, cutouts, switches, tiebreakers, potheads, and main breakers.
  • Feeder breaker.
  • Power transformers.
  • Size, time, and the ratio of potential transformers.
  • Voltage and size of critical equipment- UPS, IPS, power distribution, air conditioning computer room, generator, and power distribution.

An effective single line diagram will show a correct power distribution way from the arriving power source. You probably cannot see the net effect of a one-line diagram until the circuits are added with an appropriate modification. As a single-line diagram firm in Bangladesh, we will make you familiar with the electrical transmission system and its layout. TOTO POWER Engineering can provide you with an accurate diagram that will ensure the performance of the optimum system and coordinate all future testing. Here, our skilled designers will design them in a way that will highlight the potential risks before any problem shows up.