The Under Vehicle Inspection System mainly used for checking whole structure under cars, to make sure whether there is illegal modification, hidden suspicious object and person, recognize bomb or other attachments. In addition, the system can be used for safety inspection under the chair, bed, cabinet and higher places, pipeline, shaft of mine, inside tube , camera obscura, bushes…etc, where human body inconvenient to get to.
Model:——————————-4 inch color TFT LCD
Resolution:————————-480(W) *234(H)
Display area:———————–82.1(W)*62.8(H) mm
Dot Matrix:————————0.171(W) *0.261(H)
Model:——————————F2.5 Wide-Angle CCD
Rotation Angle:——————-130°
Adjustment:———————– Steel wire control by hand
Pixel: —————————— NTSC 512(H) 492(V) / PAL 500(H)482(V)
Resolution:————————-420 TV lines
Working Voltage: —————–DC 12V 90MA
Capacity: ——————————220MAh
Recharge Mode:———— ———Battery recharge alone or united
Recharge Voltage————- ——-110~240V
Output Voltage————————9~12.6V
Low battery alarm(Option) ———Buzzer alarm when battery voltage lower than 10V
Working Time————————-About 7 hours Continuous
Working temperature —————-0~60℃
Net weight—————————–3.5KG
Volume: ——————————–1023( Open 1790 )* 149*156 mm
Gross weight—————————–8KG
Volumetric Weight ———————9.5KG
Package Size —————————21*23*114cm
 Adopt 1.0mm strip steel for the products, good appearance, light and handy and convenient to operate.
 High capacity Lithium battery for long time use. Higher capacity battery can be ordered according to different requirements.
 Portable design with wheels and handle, much more easier to operate and move.
 Assistant LED lights design for dark conditions, real-time show the result on LCD screen and avoid facula .
 Foldable design, easy to take with and can detect hole depth 1790mm when it is formed a 180 degree angle .
 The two parts of the products can be locked together when fold, stable and can use a belt to carry with. Package with aluminous box, convenient to move and take with.
 Far from fire and electric shock, please do not put the machine in wet place or rain, operation and maintenance please follow the user manual.