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Structural, Architectural design firm in Bangladesh

Toto Power Engineering is one of the top architectural and structural design firm in bangladesh. Recently no of earthquake increasing rapidly. For the reason of geological position, Bangladesh situated in a high risky earthquake zone. Structural and architectural analysis is very much important for safe life and safe your building from earthquakes.

Our highly trained structural and architectural engineering team always giving highest priority earthquake and wind load while design structural design for building in Bangladesh. There are have many important factors and criteria for earthquake-resistant building design. We are following all of the international guidelines for structural and architectural design for buildings.

We provide structural design engineering services for following areas:

  • ✦ High Rise Buildings
  • ✦Commercial Buildings
  • ✦ Residential and Commercial Hotels
  • ✦ Residential Building
  • ✦ Religious Structures
  • ✦ Steel Structured Buildings
  • ✦ Hospital Buildings
  • ✦ Educational Buildings
  • ✦ University Buildings
  • ✦ Bank, Insurance and Non Profit Organizations
  • ✦ Detailed Engineering Assessment
  • ✦ Tallest Buildings