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A Consulting civil engineer is a professional who is concerned with planning, designing and inspecting the construction site. He/ She is responsible for designing, researching and estimating the cost and budget of the project.

Some civil engineer consultants render services on some specific fields. On the other hand, some consultant simply prefers a particular type of clients.

A civil engineer consultant provides technical assistance and guidance. Specialization in public infrastructure and environmental management can a stepping stone of building a great consulting civil engineering career.


We have listed some of the duties carried out by a consulting civil engineer below

Consulting service– Of course, a consulting civil engineer will be the preferable person to seek some consulting regarding some specific project. Consulting simply means seeking some professional help to attain some suggestions from an expert in the field. A client can consult for the betterment before initiating the project.

Research and study– An engineering consultant needs to visit the constructing site. He has to make an analysis of the potential and the risk associated. He needs to study and investigate rigorously to avoid any engineering problems beforehand.

Feasibility report– The consultant will be responsible for submitting a statement to the client about the study and investigation. The report should contain the surveys carried out, requirements, estimated cost, etc. He/She should conclude with an optimum solution, alternative options and recommendations to carry out a sound construction.

Project Design– Designing typically meaning drawings and drafting. Sometimes they are complemented by written documents. The written documents are to guide the contractor and the onsite engineer to carry out the project accordingly. The design process includes the list of materials needed for construction as well.

Procurement– This stage is involved usually with public infrastructure or commercial construction. Procurement is the process of receiving proposals fro material suppliers after negotiation. Consulting Engineer prepares the contract while the contractor is in charge of. Competitive bidding. Once the contract paper is ready, public notices are issued after consulting with the engineer in charge.

Supervision– A consulting civil engineer has to visit the construction site on a regular basis. He is to take charge should any problems arise in the construction site. He is to give feedback about the progress to the client. He ensures that everything goes well according to the plans and drawings.

Apart from these, a civil engineer consultant also takes care of many other tasks. For example, battling with legal issues, execute risk management process, guide the contractor and architects.

Structural Engineering Design and Drafting

From Sheds to multi-level apartment buildings, we can provide the structural engineering design and certification required for Development Applications.

Civil Engineering Design and Drafting

From small rural driveways to Heavy traffic load sealed roads, we can provide the civil engineering design and certification required for Development Applications.

Structural Soil Testing

Soil testing is required to determine the reactivity and capacity of soil to hold a structure. Foundations are designed to suit specific soil conditions on your site. We can provide this service as part of a complete engineering package.

Wind Classification

Wind Classification is required to determine the strength of building tie downs and wall bracing for your proposed structure. Toto consulting engineers provide this analysis as part of the engineering service as required.

Why Choose Us:

While hiring civil engineering consultants for your property, all search for qualified, skilled, well trained, efficient and experienced professionals. No one wants to invest money and time and get a dissatisfactory or low-quality service at all. After all, it is the matter of your property and you can’t or rather should not endure any silly mistake in it. But, when you are dealing with Civil Engineering consultancy firms in Bangladesh, don’t worry about all these things.

At the time of hiring our staff, we check their experience and interest in work very well. If they are eager enough, we recruit them and make them skills so that they can handle all types of jobs easily. They are also well aware of the safety measures and don’t ignore them ever.

In the field of civil engineering service, it is sure that you won’t get a quality service provider than us. We have all the tools and efficiency to handle them. Give us any project, and we would provide you with the best outcome ever.

No matter how tough or how difficult the project is, we always keep a positive attitude towards it. We never leave any project depending on its location or size. We have team spirit, innovative ideas, creative staff and confidence that help us complete every project successfully and be the best result for finding me a Civil Engineering consultancy firm.

We are police verified and obey all standard safety rules. We take complete care of our staff, your project and its surroundings. Throughout this long journey in this industry, none of our clients have complained against our mode of work or work ethics.

Toto Power Civil Engineering consultants in Bangladesh have utilized the long time they have got in this industry to hone their skills and to enrich themselves. Cheap Civil Engineering consultants in Bangladesh always prefer a close association with the clients. That’s why we keep direct communication with you from the starting till the end of the project. Civil commercial engineering consultants in Bangladesh are here to help you always with our quality service. Come to us and get satisfactory civil construction designing service at a low budget. Civil Engineering consultants are popular for their free quote in Dhaka and its neighboring areas.

Quality Assurance

Civil Engineering Consultants manages each project efficiently, ensuring that all jobs are finished as per our Quality Assurance system. Civil Engineering Consultants is committed to abiding by all Bangladesh building and laws and regulations.

Safety Standards

Civil engineering consulting firm in Bangladesh employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. We use a range of Elevated Work platforms and access equipment.

Our Personnel is fully licensed for all the tasks we undertake. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards.

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