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After the tragic accident of the garment workers’ company, retailers and NGOs have joined. The “Alliance for Bangladesh Employee Protection” (North Yankee retailers) “Accord Offerings and Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA) Building Safety in Bangladesh” (European retailers).

Twenty-two garments were inspected and classified according to bilateral and alliance conditions. If a primitive assessment seems good, the Engineers Comprehensive Engineering Assessment (DEA) suggests. That, in this case, the vesting authority should appoint an engineering house. Which can perform a small print and complete analysis of the building?

According to the “Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) Guidance”, a comprehensive engineering assessment (DEA). It may be a structural engineering inquiry and a report on the building structure. A Detail Engineering is required once a building structure has sufficient information and support for structural protection.

The key to the proper and sparing supply of advanced engineering solutions is the ownership of our customers. The full understanding of their problems. We have sufficient internal resources to manage a diversified portfolio of style and extensive engineering. Everything we do brings together top quality, innovative solutions, and comes lessons learned from the past.

There is an additional field of Detail Engineering Assessment and project management professionals, including styles. Project engineering, project management, and construction engineering and technical backgrounds. It helps the nation meet customer expectations regarding quality, safety and time. Come to the Brownfield and Greenfield surveys for the project, perform basic and extensive engineering. Our project supports innovative, top quality and safe work practices to maximize maximum cost at the lowest bit level.


Our main focus is on partnering with the national service system to provide information. The skills and abilities of our strong and highly skilled staff. Our advanced tools and strategies in various fields for business consulting:
  • ✔ Please provide a soft copy and a copy of a close engineering analysis report
  • ✔ Monitor quarterly and report for electrical safety
  • ✔ Reproducing drawings and calculations with acceptable references.
  • ✔ Structural analysis and style of the steel-concrete composite structure
  • ✔ Structural analysis and style of structure
  • ✔ Determine the carrying capacity of the soil

Four decades of engineering experience:

Based on a multi-branch experience, we’ve got a well-tried record of 4 decades operating. With over thirty years of expertise with a variety of successful oil. Gas comes and a few of the foremost successful specialists within the trade. Therefore, we area unit well equipped to produce qualified advice at the elaborate engineering level. this is often potent by the successful execution of nearly cardinal revisions. The lifelong extension comes of our Greenfield and Brownfield comes annually.

Practical project management method:

To ensure that the budget is at intervals the very best quality project delivery schedule. We use a project management model designed to maximize the advantages of our purchasers.

HSE and restrictive compliance:

We also think about the Detail Engineering Assessment, safety, and environmental (HSE) aspects. That we recommend risk assessment and atmosphere screening to guard persons and also the environment. consequently, we establish legal and environmental necessities and make environmental programs, together with all steps necessary to get approval and permission. With a world workplace network, we’ve got shut data of national standards, restrictive frameworks, and authorized necessities. That modify us to figure efficiently with a licensed verification agent, technical authority and third-party verification partner.

TOTO POWER Engineering has successfully completed a large number (35+ RMG-Factories, Residential & Commercial Building) of Structural Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA) Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA) process as per Alliance,Accord,NI,BNBC standard: Essential Information and steps for Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA)

DEA Steps:

  • ✔️ Prepare As-built Architectural+Structural drawing, if not available already. The as-built drawing shall show:
    • The structural, non structural elements with dimensions at all levels, foundations and framing on plan, sectionand elevation.
    • Cross-sectional drawings showing reinforcements in foundations, columns, beams, slabsetc.
  • ✔️ If as-builtdrawings are available–verify if it truly represents the structure.
  • ✔️ As-builtdrawing shall be prepared/checked as per Alliance standard 8.19and/or8.20.
  • ✔️ Scanning of rebars in main structural elements of lower tiers (SeeAPD.5) to confirm as-built condition.
  • ✔️ Arrange confirmatory soil test(2/3borings)
  • ✔️ Spot check of foundation by excavation, if necessary
  • ✔️ Identify causes of any physical distress, dampness or any other abnormalities and suggest remedial measures.
  • ✔️ Work on specifici tems of concern identified by the QAF in the initial structural assessment report
  • ✔️ Identify any overloading, additions, extensions, presence of water tanks, towers. Study their effect on the structure and suggest remedial measures.
  • ✔️ Arrange for core test by taking 4 Nos. 4in. cores (see details in APD.5,D.17) to assess insitu strength. Use ACI 562 to find 𝒇′𝒆𝒒 to be used in design checking.
  • ✔️ Prepare structural model as per As-built drawing using appropriate software by following the standard practice and building code.
  • ✔️ Obtain reliable data on steel grade or arrange testing of steel rebar (if possible) or assume 40grade conservatively for using in all analysis/design adequacy.
  • ✔️ Use loading and Load factors as per standard (NTC/Alliance)
  • ✔️ Check strength and serviceability requirements as per BNBC-2006
  • ✔️ Make recommendation(s) based on results of DEA–including restriction of loading, restriction on vertical extension.
  • ✔️ In case of deficiency in structural integrity of the structure(s), appropriate retrofitting scheme is to be designed.
  • ✔️ Prepare Load Plan and arrange posting of load plan and approve it.

DEA Deliverables:

  • ✔️ Approved As-built structural architectural drawings.
  • DEA Report with following items:
  • ✔️ Highlight any variation between as built and designed structure (if known) .
  • ✔️ Results of testing for strength and materials .
  • ✔️ Results of geotechnical investigation.
  • ✔️ Details of loading, inputs and results of computer modeling
  • ✔️ Commentary on adequacy/inadequacy of elements of the structure
  • ✔️ Schedule of any required retrofitting required for safety or safe performance of structure
  • ✔️ If applicable, retrofitting scheme design with detail working drawings and design assumptions/notes
  • ✔️ Approved Load plans.

Our Dea Process

    Detail Engineering Assesment (DEA)
  • 1. Assesment Procedure
  • 2. Resource Management
    Assesment Procedure
  • (i) Physical Observation
  • (ii) Investigative Studies
  • (iii) Inferences
  • (iv) Streaming Measures
  • (v) Concluding Remarks
    • (i) Physical Observation:
    • ✎ Any sign of settlement
    • ✎ Any sign of distress in any key structural elements
    • ✎ Any kind of dampness/standing water.
    • ✎ Any kind of corrosion.
    • ✎ Any kind of twisting/rupture/ sagging in the structural members.
    • ✎ Any other defects in the any structural elements.
    • ✎ Current loading condition in the structure (at each floor)
      (ii) Investigation Studies
    • ✎ Dimensional measurement of structural members
    • ✎ Testing:
      • 1. SDT: Semi-Destructive test to access of in-situ concrete in RC footings, Columns, Beams and slabs
      • 2. NDT: Semi-Destructive test to access of in-situ concrete in RC footings, Columns, Beams and slabs
        • Ultrasonic pulse velocity test on RC columns and beams
        • Rebound Hammer test on RC slabs
      • 3. Cover meter studies to map the disposing and dia of peripheral rebars in RC members
      • 4. Theoretical analysis to verify the structural adequacy of existing members for present level loading
      (iii) Inferences
    • Inferences based on the above investigative studies.
      (iv) Strengthening Measures
    • Retrofitting scheme.
      (v) Concluding Remarks
    • Recommendation(s) based on results of DEA–including restriction of loading, restriction on vertical extension.
    Resource Management

    Six members required in each DEA team and they will divide into four groups under one team leader.

    • 1. Structural Engineer
    • 2. CAD Operator
    • 1. Dimensional measurement of structural members.
    • 2. Prepared as-built Structural drawing.