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EARTH RESISTANCE TEST company in bangladesh

We provide individual Earth resistance test companies in Bangladesh. We do ground fault testing for industrial plants, giant industrial facilities, and municipal power plants. We are the first 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the director of the electrical inspection. Maintenance and repair maintenance

Earth resistance test companies in Bangladesh are monitored to ensure that any product that uses electricity is safe from its management quality. Numerous governments and corporations have created stringent requirements for subscribed electrical products around the world. Various tests are done to verify the safety of the products. One of these is that the world once sees.

Probably the most dangerous tool and an application in this category (clay equipment). For example, micdivave grinder and the like, but this section also holds the lead of the extension. Class 1 equipment is intended for connecting beneath the planet through a conductor. The consequences can be fatal if the conductor breaks down somewhere.

Why Earth Ground Testing is Needed?

The ground resistance should be measured for the electronic system to ensure. That the downward resistance does not increase over time before the electrical installation period. Earth resistance test companies in Bangladesh Permanent Conductor Tests Specify systems with average up-time requirements permanently every 3 years.Poor grounding will not only increase the risk of equipment failure; It’s dangerous too. The facilities should have adequate electrical systems. So, only in case of thunderstorms or utility over voltage discharges. They can realize a secure answer in the current world. Although once the ground resistance values ​​were lowered to the earth. Grounding systems’ resistivity could be achieved if ground rods had decayed with high wet material, high salt content, and high temperatures. If our technician has achieved more than 20% resistance. We will investigate the problem and make changes to the grounding system to reduce the resistance.


  • ✔️ Can be spread on tree types or in various electrical facilities. Also, new plants can still bigger and bigger. This national change requires a completely different product on earth. Previous low resistance which was obsolete “value”
  • ✔️ The disadvantages of their parks are that the sharpening of electric sharpening with. The addition of sophisticated computer-controlled materials is quite intense. Cruisers, which are not capable of affecting the latest machines, will one-day cause problems with new materials.
  • ✔️ Because of the abundance of underground non-metallic pipes and hydraulics. This type of installation becomes less and less reliable as an efficient, low-resistance ground affiliation.
  • ✔️ Groundwater levels are gradually decreasing in several places. At the end of a year, earth conductor systems. That we assumed were effective could be found in dry earth with higher resistance.
  • ✔️ Components These factors emphasize the importance of installation.

How to Improve Earth Resistance?

Impact of rod size: You may suspect that the length of the fabric on the earth decreases its resistance. In general, doubling the length of the rod reduces the resistance by about 40%.

Multiple Rod Usage: The two well-spaced rods that perform on the planet provide a parallel way. In parallel, it is 2 resistances. In parallel, the 2 resistance rules are not particularly applicable.It is often, as a result. The resistance of individual rods of resistance is not 0.5 (assuming they are the same size and depth).

Soil Treatment: If you cannot handle deep ground rods for continuous underlying rocks. Treating soil chemicals can be a great way to increase the Earth’s resistance test companies in Bangladesh resistance. The scope of this manual to cover the easiest treatment chemicals is the questionable detrimental effects of your electrodes. As well as the EPA and local environmental laws that you need to concern. Non-corrosive elements are suitable for sulfate, sulfate and general salt. Which are the least corrosive but ordinary salts being affordable and once applied electronically around the excavator? It should be noted that soluble sulfates attack the concrete and are free from inspiration? Another way to style is to backfill around the electronic with special semiconductor concrete. Many of those products, such as clay, are accessible in the market.

Not much information has been divlected about the consequences of the temperature. 2 The data return to the logical conclusion that the temperature rise can be postponed:

  • ✔️ Most water in the soil determines the resistance of the gift
  • ✔️ Increasing temperature significantly reduces water resistance.
  • ✔️ As the temperature drops below the freezing point, the resistance will increase.

Grounding is an important problem-solving tool to help testers maintain their time span. It is advisable to check the minimum area and ground connections as part of your traditional prehistoric progress maintenance Earth resistance test companies in Bangladesh.

If resistance at this stage is to measure approximately two-hundredth of the increase. The technician should investigate the supply of the matter and be correct in reducing it. The exchanges through the exchange or adding a ground rod to the system below.

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