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Toto Power Engineering is a having vast experience as a fire safety design and consulting firm in Bangladesh. We have a team of professionals and resources to provide you the best fire safety solution-based consulting and designing. Our works include designing, product supply, and installation, safety management consulting. Over the years, we have been working with well know real estate companies, contractors, and architects.

Our fire safety in Bangladesh engineers apply their expertise and knowledge in planning and evaluating the scopes of fire safety of the assigned projects.

    Toto Power Engineering deals with various challenging projects. Some might include
  • ∎ Passive Fire Safety
  • ∎ Fire Alarm System
  • ∎ Fire Exit
  • ∎ Emergency

We not only design the fire protection systems but also supervise the activities in case they are troubleshooting.

Lastly, we finish off with the installation of the system. We are glad to offer you customized solutions depending on the requirements.


  • Regarding the height of the building and the width of the main road and the internal road of the plot:

    All plots and buildings should have access to the entrance and the main road in front of the residential multi-story building should be at least nine meters wide. If there are multiple buildings on the same plot, the gate height should be at least five meters at the main entrance to facilitate the entry of firearms.

  • Establish Weight Raiser:

    Weight raisers should be in the building. There should be one riser point for floor area six hundred square meters per floor and one additional floor area.

  • Placement:

    Automatic sprinkler placement

  • Water Supply Source for Permanent Fire Extinguisher:

    For this, there must be a minimum reservoir with a minimum capacity of 5,000 gallons. There should be a driveway so that water can be taken from the reserve.

  • Fire Fighting Pump

    Fire fighting pump house and it has to be constructed with fireproofing material.

  • Smoke and Heat Detection System:

    All smoke and heat detectors and air damper locations should be identified in the fire safety design.

  • Emergency lights:

    Emergency emission ladders and floor plans should be in place. This way is easy to see. If there are two hundred for a hundred people, three for up to 1,000 people, and four more if you have four stars. It will only be used in an emergency.

  • Step 08

    There should be an alternative staircase and it will not extend to the basement.

  • Step 09

    One or more of the multiple lifts should be constructed and designed as two fire lifts.

  • Step 10

    Refuge area ie safe area free of fire, heat, and smoke. It has to be in the design too.

  • Step 11

    The kitchen stove must have a wet chemical system to extinguish the fire.