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The net metering solar system is becoming popular in Bangladesh. Customers are installing solar panels in their courtyards and submitting their use to an extra energy bank. No more production when grid electricity is used. So, every day, the electricity bill deposited in the energy bank is calculated from the electricity used every day. New policies formulated by the Bangladesh government are becoming increasingly popular through net metering.

The Bangladesh government says solar power generation is not possible due to insufficient supply. But in this way, the production of electricity from renewable fuel has increased. But this, the production of electricity from renewable fuels has increased.

The Bangladesh Electricity Department says, already, the net metering system has increased the production of 10.252 MW solar power. According to various distribution companies, the net metering solar system in Bangladesh sits among 240 customers. In addition, the plan has a total subscriber base of 1.5 MW who wants to come to net metering. In this way, a large amount of electricity is possible if each customer produces some or all of the electricity. The neighboring country of India, like Sri Lanka, has a net metering system in 50 countries. Excess power to be used during the day will be supplied to the grid. At the end of the month, which will be adjusted with the customer’s electricity bill. This is also called a power bank. However, the customer is not receiving any direct payment. Which is always consistent with its power consumption. It is said that net metering is stored according to the type of solar panel. Because of this, electricity bills are coming down to 45 percent of some customers.

Advantage of a net metering system

  • • In the net metering system, the customer will be able to use the solar panels in his courtyard and use the additional power to be deposited with the Energy Bank
  • • The government will buy electricity from solar panels for customers on net metering systems. This will create employment for customers.


  • • He has to be a legitimate customer of the power distribution unit in the respective area.
  • • When submitting a net metering application, he will have no electricity bills.
  • • Only electricity generated from renewable energy sources will be covered by net metering.
  • • The applicant must be the proprietor of the proposed renewable fuel system or obtain legal permission from the officer or his representative.
  • • The customer will use the generated electricity from the renewable fuel source and supply it to the residual power grid after use.

Prozumeer can supply its generated electricity to any other user through its own distribution line built through its own system. For this, no electricity distribution utility can be used in any way. All relevant expenses will be borne by the Prozumeer. However, if the other user is a subscriber of a power company then the permission of the company must be obtained.