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Are you trying to find a Rebar Scanning service in Bangladesh? You’re in the right place! You will believe in persuading the right person to do the right thing. From our organization, we specialize in quality efficient ground painting radar services by providing rubber scanning. Households and businesses throughout Bangladesh. This is when your rubber scanning service is involved. You are an organization committed to client satisfaction and endless ambition to provide the most recent technical Rebar Scanning service in Bangladesh. That’s why we provide our legendary rubber scanning services twenty-four hours / seven days a year. In all, 3 offices have been communicated to all Bangladesh. We are never far away after you like us.If you have any priorities or questions about the concrete X-ray of your project. If you would like a GPR Concrete Scanner turning your house, contact us today!

What is Rebar?

Rebar suggests that steel reinforcing bars. Concrete can be a building material that is strong enough to compress, but weak in tension. Therefore, concrete is fixed with steel, as a result of its smart durability and the bond between steel and concrete is also sensible. Steel bars are the steel bars that are integrated into the concrete to provide concrete strength. Rebar can be a reinforcing bar. Steel bars are used as Rebar Scanning service in Bangladesh because of the increased steel for temperatures higher than concrete.

Types of Rebar:

Carbon Steel Rebar

It is the most common style of rubber and is commonly spoken of as the “black bar”. It is very versatile but it is much thinner than many varieties. Making it unsuitable for structures exposed to high humidity or in contact with water often. However, most consider steel rubber to be the most effective choice, given the variety of construction.

Welded Wire Fabric

Eld welding wire is made of a series of organized steel cables. Ld welding is done at the right corner and electrically the lowest steel wire crossings. It can be used on slab-on-ground slabs where the bottom is well compacted. A heavy flotation of the ls welding wire fabric will be used on the wall and structural floor slabs. It is commonly used in road twisting, box culverts, drain structures, and slightly concrete canals.

Sheet-Metal Reinforcing Bars

Sheet-metal reinforcements are commonly used in the construction of floor slabs, stairs, and roofs. Sheet-metal reinforcing treatment sheet steel items are twisted into sixteen corrugations of an inlet deep with a perforation at regular intervals.

Epoxy-Coated Rebar

Epoxy-coated rubber is a favorite and is used in areas that may be attached to saline water or wherever erosion occurs. The only downside is that the coating will be very fine, so bars should be ordered from a reputable supplier.

Stainless Steel Rebar

Stainless steel will be used as a reinforced steel bar with reinforcements. Absorbent stainless steel reinforcing bars cannot produce galvanic corrosion. This will be a cheap solution to corrosion issues. Wherever repairs are hassle and expensive. However, this rubber can cost at least eight times as much epoxy-coated rubber.


For structural analysis, our rubber scanning service is a valuable tool. It can help engineers analyze and evaluate appropriate remedial solutions for restructuring errors. During the construction of a project. It is important to practice proper protection techniques because cutting or splinting through the rubber. Without knowing whether to set up the reinforcement, the tension will damage the cables and compromise next.The structural integrity of the building. Our certified rubber scanning service among Bangladeshi technicians can help the crew navigate. Through slabs without damaging any structural elements. Such as conduits, rubber, post-tension cables, etc.

How Does It Work?

We use the most recent concrete Rebar Scanning service in Bangladesh technology. Could it be a safe separation from X-rays? Our specialized concrete scanning ground penetrating radar equipment is included with the technology to provide fast, reliable information on the interior of the scanning moment. Ground-penetrating Radder technology scans concrete on floors, walls or ceilings to search for rubber pipes, tension cables, conduits. Other products are in a low spot at intervals or on a concrete surface.

What Do We Provide?

Our customers believe in the accuracy and quality of the insights. We additionally offer to keep most new ground-penetrating scanners stable. We guarantee that all our technicians are carefully trained and have a licensed permit to interpret their data accurately. As a scan, our technicians capture images and after the work is done. We will write a report that includes pictures and supplies. A transparent and, in particular, reliably accurate interpretation. Getting the right knowledge from the right place with the right materials. At the United Rebar Scanning service in Bangladesh, we take great pride in what we do and be the simplest

Because a lot of knowledge created by our technicians is no herit insignificant in no time. We have generally been able to provide spot scanning information regarding rubber scanning services, reinforcements, and faults in Bangladesh, as well as operating aspects. To give our customers their confidence. Their illustrations and explanations are provided in a timely manner. Also the method of achievement, knowledge is safe, non-destructive. The scanned area may be significantly disrupted So, if you need our best Rebar Scanning service of any kind. Then you can contract with us. We provide our services all over Bangladesh. We are the best provider for your project.