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Pile Integrity System is a nondestructive test method used on most concrete or wood foundations. Pile Integrity Test (PIT) is carried out to determine the load capacity of the piles. PIT can detect major pile irregularity in the construction. Concrete piles play a major role in the foundation. PIT test is necessary to test piles integrals in the structure because it involves the transfer of loads of heavy structured construction (bridge, high rise building, etc.) to the underlying parts of soil. An integrity test is conducted to test verify the concrete piles to prevent any damage in the future. In that way, quality is assured before starting the construction company. For forensic examination, the existing piles are taken for testing.


  • ✎ To determine the pile length
  • ✎ To asses the flaws of the piling
  • ✎ To check the quality of pile shaft
  • ✎ To provide quantitative data on pile elements, their continuity, and the consistency of the pile material
Static load test procedure
There are generally two methods of integrity testing
  • ✎ Pulse-Echo Method (PEM), and
  • ✎ Transient Response Method (TRM)

Pile Integrity Test (PIT) is normally performed after foundation installation and curing, and require minimal pile preparation. It is a relatively low-cost method to check the soundness of the concrete. The test is performed on the piles or existing foundation. A hand-held hammer is used for impacting the pile head. The impact of the hammer produces a shock e in the pile The stress wave is reflected from the toe of the pile, and then the Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) equipment processes and records the.reflected waves over the pile top Reflections of the opposite sign indicate possible pile defects

Assessment of Pile integrating Test

Problems can easily be detected with a careful analysis of the recorded signal and sound knowledge about the concrete and the soil. the test needs to be carried out at least 5 – 6 places to cover the entire section of the pile Integrity tests provide an indication of the soundness of concrete. Only the experienced individuals and groups can conduct the experiment as they are proficient at interpreting the result

Limitations of PIT
  • ✎ Pile Integrity Test does not determine the load-bearing capacity of piles and deep foundations.
  • ✎ This test does not work in piles with highly variable cross-sections
  • ✎ At times it is hard to distinguish the soil response, and the (pile) toe response.
  • ✎ PIT cannot be conducted over pile caps

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