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Constructions in Dhaka is no unfamiliar concept in Bangladesh. Construction and daily life go hand in hand in Dhaka. Soil testing is a method of analyzing the soil properties and determining the sustainability of the soil for various reasons. Soil testing companies conduct commercial soil testing in a lab for engineering or geological aspects. If you are looking for a reliable soil testing company in Dhaka or Chittagong, this content will help find the trustable soil test companies in Bangladesh. We will cover the importance, procedure, benefits, and types of soil testing.


Soil investigation is fundamental to any construction. It is the most underrated and often ignored in Bangladesh, but this is the first step in initiating any construction project. It brings out the hidden dangers a building might face in the future. The multi storied building will rest and stand on the soil throughout its lifespan. Checking whether the ground is capable of holding the building is the most vital part of the process. It is impossible to design a layout of a building foundation without knowing the sustainability of the soil. Be it a bridge, rail lines or culverts; a soil analysis can prevent unwanted future accidents and destruction. Engineers determine the length and depth of the pillars put in the soil for the foundation of the construction site. Knowing the nature and attributes of the soil, Engineers can analysis the problem and figure out the possible solution to the problem.

Soil testing allows then engineers to know about the water level of the land. Level of humidity of the soil, possible best solution is based on the water level of that land. Based on the active components of the soil, Engineers recommend the construction materials for the optimum solution. Understanding the geological aspects of the soil helps in opting for the best possible solution for the successful completion of the project. Accurate information will lead to better stability of a building

Bangladesh has been receiving multiple environmental threats. High rise buildings can be threatening during an earthquake. Bangladesh, especially Dhaka, is on high alert prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities. This is a great concern for modern days. Improper management of the projects can worsen the problems to a great extent. We have witnessed many commercial buildings falling apart in Dhaka and taking hundreds of lives. This is all due to not abiding by the rules of soil test analysis. Different soils have different capacities for bearing a building. Soil tests are carried out to figure out the bearing capacity of a particular land. To find out whether the physical and chemical elements of the soil can withstand the weight of the construction is the purpose of soil testing.


An important note – No construction project should be initiated without proper investment in soil testing. Depending on soil properties, the experiment can be undertaken in the laboratory as well as in-situ.

In-situ moisture content

The moisture content of the soil is to determine the water percentage in proportion to the soil. By determining the moisture content, we can get an idea about the soil properties such as permeability, particle size, etc. The oven-drying method is the most popular method of testing moisture content.

Specific gravity test

Specific gravity is the ratio of soil in the air to the weight of the air at a given volume of a standard temperature. This test is conducted in the laboratory using the density bottle method and Pycnometer methods mostly.

Atterberg limit test

To measure the critical water content of fine-grained soil, three different conditions are adopted viz liquid limit, plastic limit, and shrinkage limit. In the liquid limit test, a device called a Casagrande’s liquid limit device is used. It consists of a cup with a mechanism that moves up and down that measures the liquid limit of soil. In the plastic limit test, water is added to the soil. The shrinkage limit test is a mathematical formula.

Compaction Test

The compaction test, also known as the Proctor test, is conducted when the soil is compacted over a range of moisture contents. When it is placed over optimum moisture content, it yields the maximum dry density. This test is undertaken in different moisture content achieved by reducing the air voids when the soil is densified.

Particle size distribution

The test is to determine the particle size of a specific soil. Particle size varies from coarse sand size down to fine clay size. Particle size can indicate the suitability of the soil for construction as well as soil water movement.


Soil test in Bangladesh is only conducted on paper. We have seen the massive destruction it can cause in 2013 when Rana Plaza collapsed, and thousands of people died. Such an important step is overlooked by the majority. Needless to say, how it can concur loss of money and so many lives, it should be a mandatory step. Are you planning to start a building project? It is highly suggested to get the soil test done. Risking the lives of thousands of people is no joke. Toto power engineering is here to render you a reliable soil test. We conduct soil analysis in Dhaka as well as Chittagong.


Bridge construction is public expenditure. A durable bridge can save tons of time and facilitate smooth traveling. Toto power Engineering works not only for the industrial sector but also for public projects. We can assure stable bridge construction for public welfare and safety.Soil test for road constructionThe infrastructure of a country can indicate how developed they are. In recent years Government has been improving the overall infrastructure amenities throughout Bangladesh. Toto Power engineering is capable of delivering projects successfully whether its road construction or repair.Benefits of Soil testingSoil testing in Bangladesh is gradually achieving acceptance from a more extensive network of people. It is an essential part of preconstruction and beneficial for agriculture. Understanding the nature of the soil will lead to a maximum result in gardening and harvesting. Soil investigation can lead to a good decision while selecting the construction material by determining the soil properties.

Why TOTO POWER is best the for Soil Test in Bangladesh?

It’s important to know that not all soils can support the weight. It is such a crucial process; one must make sure to choose a qualified and registered soil testing company for undertaking the soil investigation. Toto power engineering has been in the engineering industry since 2011. Our dedication and moral values have made us one of the best engineering solutions providers in Bangladesh. We are located in tow major cities, Dhaka and Chittagong of Bangladesh. Apart from providing technical services, we are delighted to make a long-lasting partnership with you.