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Solar Irrigation Pump System company in bangladesh

Solar irrigation Pump System in Bangladesh is a photovoltaic pumping system that uses the power generated by a photovoltaic array to drive a pump through a photovoltaic parameter inverter. The system consists mainly of a photovoltaic array, a photovoltaic pumping inverter, and a water pump.

Solar irrigation pump system or SIP mainly used for agricultural production in bangladesh. Its helps the farmers by providing uninterrupted power supply.

With the coming of the Boro season, farmers do not have to worry about diesel price rise or uninterrupted power supply. The use of sunlight irrigation technology has reduced concerns somewhat. Irrigation is done using groundwater, not diesel or electricity.


The pump runs on electricity generated by solar-powered photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic connection converts solar power into electricity that is used to operate motor pump sets. The pumps’ water from the open patio or covered patio, pond, canal. No shade space is needed to install the solar panel.

Part of the solar irrigation pumping system
  • • Solar PV Panel
  • • A suitable pump is added between the following pumps with a photovoltaic connection.
  • • Centrifugal pump set on the ground
  • • Submersible Pumpset
  • • Floating or floating pump set
  • • Pipe
Use of Solar Pumping System

An 1800 watt photovoltaic cell and 2 horsepower pumps produce 1.4 million liters of water from the bottom of 6 – 5 meters daily. Irrigation water is sufficient to provide 5-8 acre in many crop fields.


  • • There is no fuel cost, energy is obtained from free sunlight.
  • • No electricity consumption required.
  • • Can be used for many days
  • • Very credible
  • • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • • Environment-friendly.
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