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A structural designer is an engineer who carries the responsibility of designing or constructing the physical establishment so that the external pressures can be resisted. Additionally, structural designers ensure the integrity of each element of a structural design. This may include- floor, beams, structural foundation, and columns. As a structural design company in Bangladesh, TOTO Power Engineering involves in protecting several types of different man-made structures, for example- buildings, towers, bridges, tunnels, or any commercial structure. We also do other things, so to know the details about our works just go through the article.

You can also say structural design is a branch of civil engineering as there’s an application of the law of physics, mathematical and technological knowledge to securely design the bones of a man-made structure. Nowadays structural design contains a detailed and large combo of knowledge that may assume the performance of different materials and designs in a structure correctly. If they accurately do so the structure will be able to resist any load and stress. Some responsibilities of a structural design firm in Bangladesh is given below-

  • • Preparing a proper building design.
  • • Calculating the pressure and load the building can tolerate.
  • • Calculating a building’s reaction to external factors through computer-aided software.
  • • Construct a building according to the regulatory permits and also obtain them.
  • • Make a blueprint of the structure, estimate the costs and select the required materials for the building.
  • • Building structures need to be supervised.
  • • Project managers need to be advised by the company.
  • • A structural engineer must make contact with the other professionals- the architects, building supervisor, builders, and others to deliver the project perfectly.
  • • Managing and administrating the contacts of the project.
  • • Besides, a structural company can also improve the integrity of an existing building.

TOTO POWER Engineering is a professional structural design company in Bangladesh. We are providing comprehensive structural design services for residential, industrial, power plant, educational and commercial projects. We believe in working together with our respective clients by maintaining international standards to develop a complete structure.