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An electrical test certificate in Bangladesh is a required document for many professionals in the electrical industry. This is because electrical work is an important part of Bangladesh’s infrastructure. Many companies require an electrical test certificate to be issued by a duly licensed electrician.

What is Elctrical test certificate in Bangladesh?

Electrical test certificate also known as ETC in Bangladesh. This is a process of testing electrical equipment and devices. Every electrical device and equipement have a basic standard. To ensuring this basic standards of any type of electrical equipement and devices, needs testing after certain period. Providing certification after testing, is known as electrical test certificate in Bangladesh.

Why important Elctrical test certificate in Bangladesh?

In 2023 there are many accidental fire incidents has occured due to electrical short circuit in BANGLADESH. There are occured huge financial losses, life losses and many more due to accidental case of short circuit. To avoiding this type of incidents, its very important to examining all of the switches, connections, wires, junctions, electrical devices, circuits and all others electrical equipements. This testing process is very important for residential buildings, high rage buildings, commercial buildings, Factories, garments, super shops, super malls. Elctrical experts, electrical contractors and elctrical test certificate providing authorized companies are providing this certificate after elctrical inspection. In the recent scenario of bangladesh, this electrical test is needed for all commercial, non commercial, structures and factories. Experts are suggested to do this electrical test for Every year.

On the morning of April 4, 2023, a massive fire incident was occured in Bangabazar, Dhaka Bangladesh. There are almost 10 Billion financial losses by burning 6000 stores of whole market within 2 Days long fire.Not only financial losses major here, but also 18 peopoles injured in that Fire incident. After analyzing, according to the Fire Safety Department of Bangladesh, incident is happen due to the electrical short circuit. If The market owners and the management was concern about Electrical Safety, this type incidents will not be repeat again. We should check and test all of the electrical equipements and devices, Every year to avoid this type of Accidents. We also should be alert about electrical test certificate and reports. This electrical test certificate is mandatory for all type of buildings, structures and Factories.

Specially Every garments factory needs Electrical inspection every year. There are a huge number of employee, workers works in Garments Factories. A garments factory is involve with massive financial operation of Bangladeshi Economy. Thats why ensuring electrical safety is most important for this sector. Electrical test certificate should be issue in every year by electrical test certification company in Bangladesh


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Best Electrical Installation Certificate Providing Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small, but a populous country with many people. Electrical wiring certification in Bangladesh is necessary for companies in the country to do business. This certification can help protect businesses from potential legal issues and ensure that the electrical wiring in the country is of the highest quality.


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Electric wiring certificates are a required document in many countries, including Bangladesh. This document shows that the electrical system in your home is in good order and meets all the safety requirements set by law. Wiring certificates can also be used to prove that you have installed the correct equipment in your home and that all necessary cables and wires are connected properly.


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