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Piles are the concrete basis of the foundation that helps you build structures without risking potential danger. They are prone to breakdown and damages. The load capacity of piles is dependant on its size shape and soil components. The pile load test is conducted after 28 days of the casting of piles. Pile testing is required to detect and avoid structural failures. Otherwise, it can lead to more damage when the settlement occurs. Destruction of the piles can occur due to inappropriate designing and construction. It is advisable to test piles at an early stage to prevent any unwanted situation.

The pile load test is determine:
  • 1. The ultimate bearing capacity of the piles
  • 2. Quality Assurance
  • 3. To determine load distribution in the pile-soil System
It is important to know that before any deep foundation on the construction site begins, it is necessary to take the pile load test to ensure integrity.


The ultimate purpose of the pile load test is to determine the strengths and limitations of the piles. The pile should fulfill an estimate of its geographical capacity. Dynamic Load Test , Static Load Test , and the Pile Integrity Test are the most used pile testing methods

Dynamic Load Test

In a dynamic test Dynamic Analyzer (PDA) is used to record the force and acceleration. This method is relatively easy to conduct and a reliable method for evaluating the structural capacity of the pile. During the test, the pile dynamic analyzer records data when the pile head is subjected to strain and force from a driving hammer. later CAPWAP software analyses the recorded data.CAPWAP analysis can be carried out immediately after the test for final reports. It is a fast way to test the piles is possible to test 3 to 4 piles in a couple of hours.


A static pile test is a more reliable and accurate way of testing the piles. During the test, an axial load with hydraulic jacks is used on the test pile. many types of equipment are used in this method to get the most accurate results. This method is helpful in saving time and money because it involves fewer safety factors.

Pile Integrity Test
  • 1. Pile Integrity Test is a relatively low-cost method to check the soundness of the concrete. The test is performed on the piles or existing foundation.
  • 2. A hand-held hammer is used for impacting the pile head. The impact of the hammer produces a shock e in the pile
  • 3. The stress wave is reflected from the toe of the pile, and then the Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) equipment processes and records the.reflected waves over the pile top
  • 4. Reflections of the opposite sign indicate possible pile defects.

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