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Crane Load test and lifting equipment inspection company in bangladesh - 2023

TOTO POWER ENGINEERING is a Department of Inspection for Factories & Establishment (DIFE) Government of Bangladesh approved authorized company.

All lifting & Crane equipment has to pass initial and periodical through inspection & load test before and on they are put into service. With such inspection & load test, the installer & user has to provide proper evidence that all specified safety aspects and code requirements are met. As part of said test and inspection, we are providing the load test services in accordance with the regulation of DIFE, Bangladesh.

TOTO Power Engineering, a complete solution to inspection & Testing of all crane & lifting equipment used in Industry & other establishments in Bangladesh. Our crane & lifting equipment inspections cover technical safety evaluation, reports on the state of repair and compliance against plans. We also review design drawings, circuit diagrams, strength calculations, and structural analysis.

Lifting inspection services from Toto offers you comprehensive operational elevators safety in Dhaka. It is mandatory to get lift inspection done annually to ensure public safety. As a reputed engineering consultancy firm in Bangladesh, Toto assures safe controls legally.

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We have the approval for all Industry & Establishment are under the Department of Inspection for Factories & Establishment (DIFE) under the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Bangladesh, for the same Load Test. We are well equipped to Test, Examine & Maintenance these machines.

We are ever ready to render our quality services to our valued clients always at any time. TOTO power Engineering is looking forward to assisting you in any of your Inspection, Testing & Certification related to Lifting & Crane equipment:

    Inspection & Certificate Services Include:
  • • Checking of brakes, clutches, sheaves, and wire rope assemblies
  • • Design studies and calculation reviews
  • • Dynamic and static load testing
  • • Inspection of all the structural load-bearing members, including sheaves
  • • Checking crane girders, rails, and columns of overhead cranes to assure structural integrity
  • • Line level and span crane gantry surveys
  • • Non-destructive testing (NDT) of load hooks for cracks and visual inspections for distortions
  • • Operational tests to assure that your unit is functioning properly
  • • Periodic inspections and inspection prior to use of mechanical, structural, electrical, and safety systems, as well as of wire ropes and chains
  • • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • • Remnant life assessment
  • • Repairs supervision
    Testing & Certification
  • • Load Test & Certification of Different Types of Cranes:
  • • Industry & Marine Shore & off-shore EOT Cranes
  • • Industry & Marine Shore & off-shore Mobile Cranes
  • • Industry & Marine Shore & off-shore Gantry Cranes
    Load Test & Certification of Different Types of Hoists:
  • • Beams
  • • Davit
  • • Derrick
  • • Cargo Elevators
  • • Passenger Elevators
    Load Test & Certification of Loose Gears:
  • • Anchor D shackle
  • • Canter shackles
  • • Eye Bolt
  • • Steel Wire Ropes / Slings
  • • Rope Slings
  • • Webbing Slings
Contact us today and discover how our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with statutory requirements.


TOTO POWER Engineering is the best leader in lifting equipment inspection.

We are the leading company for inspection, testing, verification, and certification of all types of crane, hoisting and lifting equipment in Bangladesh. Our unrivaled expertise, experience, and equipment always ready to conduct professional statutory and voluntary crane inspection for: Elevators, escalators, ski lifts, cable cars, and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), Including cranes, derricks, fork-lifts, truck-mounted cranes, shackles, hooks, elevating platforms, and telehandlers. We have developed an online reporting management tool where all our clients allow us to view and download every report, follow-up scheduled visits and manage the progress of findings.

    Your crane, hoisting, and lifting equipment inspection benefits at a glance:
  • • Meet all associated regulatory requirements, with independent inspection carried out in accordance with all applicable regulations, standards and engineering practices
  • • Assure the safe and proper working capability and condition of your crane or lifting and hoisting equipment
  • • Maintain the capability and availability of your equipment
  • • Maximize uptime and planned outages to minimize operational impact
    Supplemental support services:
  • • A preliminary review of construction documents
  • • Expert assessment of personal and material damage
  • • Expert evaluation of dangerous operating conditions
  • • Expert summary report of results and inspection report
  • • Evaluation of conformity
  • • Energy efficiency assessment
  • • Assessment of risk analyses
  • • Oil change for hydraulic elevators
  • • Training and qualification of lift maintenance operators

We perform crane certification and conformity assessment as per noise testing and certification according to Outdoor Directive 2000/42/EC, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, regulations, and standards such as ISO, EN, ANSI, OSHA, etc. We also offer evaluation of risk analyses and risk assessments, assessment of technical documentation, and type examination of safety components


Any qualified lift inspection team will check that all the parts of a lift are working in order. We are no exception. At Toto Power engineering, our outstanding services will be backed by expert technical support. We have dedication, expertise to ensure safe technical aspects.

Our attentive service include but not limited to
  • 1. We examine the entire lift system thoroughly.
  • 2. We identify the lift type and take measurements accordingly.
  • 3. We test the electrical parts and wiring system.
  • 4. Our safety measures follow legal safety manuals, instructions.
  • 5. We examine all lubrication points, lift controls and all structural components
  • 6. At the end of the examining process, we test the lift speed and its working.

If you are searching for a reliable agency for lifting inspection, look no further beyond Toto Power Engineering. We are fully committed to rendering your safety measures. If you are facing occasional problems or you haven’t got an inspection done in years, do not delay any more. Ignoring the warnings or irregular maintenance can cause severe issues any time soon.


Our goal is to offer assessments and certification of lifts with our expertise. We also make sure that our services match the regulatory standards. As an owner, passenger safety should be your priority. It is more of a teamwork. The owner and the technicians need to collaborate in taking proper measurements. They also need to maintain the safety standards of the elevator. There are a few handful numbers of lifting inspection companies in Bangladesh. We are one of the best among them. Our safety audits maintain a safe environment around and avoid injuries.

Our undivided attention and proper supervision help us in identifying the hidden defects. We take immediate action after figuring out the issues. Our services provide you the highest level of security. Regular lift checks up prolongs the lifespan of your assets. Improper maintenance can lead to significant damage to the lift or unwanted incidents. Toto power engineering can take charge of various types of lift and elevator issues. We test a wide range of lift systems. For example, construction lift, freight elevators, elevators for disabled persons, Hydraulic elevators, etc.

The following are the reasons why we are best at our job.
  • • Certified reach out to our customers to lift inspector
  • • Capable of conducting lift assessment regardless of brand, location, and type.
  • • 12years + experience in the field
  • • Ensure safety taking care of regulatory requirements and safety standards
  • • Cost-effective, customized inspection for different life situations.
  • • Continuous periodic inspections
  • • Expert evaluation of dangerous operating conditions
  • • Evaluation and standardized reporting