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Core test in bangladesh/Semi Destructive Test

Evaluation of the strength of concrete requires a general core test of the concrete industry, and sometimes it becomes a unique tool to evaluate the safety of existing concrete structures. Core Drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinder block, and other structural materials. Most often the holes are made for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer, sprinkler installations and structural anchors. The core test in Bangladesh is dust-free, quiet and capable of cutting through steel reinforcing rods with little difficulty. Unlike rotary percussion tools, which can spread stress cracks through concrete and damage adjoining concrete. With the use of Diamond Core Drilling, there is no vibration and consequently, no structural damage because reinforcing rods are not loosened.


Concrete cores are usually cut through a rotary cutting tool using a diamond bit. In this method, a cylindrical specimen is usually obtained with its edges asymmetrical, parallel and square, and sometimes with embedded pieces of attachment. The cores are clearly described and photographed, paying particular attention to the connection, especially distribution, steel appearance, etc.

Core samples can also be used to:
  • ✔ Determine strength and density
  • ✔ Depth of carbonation of concrete
  • ✔ Chemical analysis
  • ✔ Water/gas permeability
  • ✔ Petrographic analysis
  • ✔ ASHTON chloride permeability test

Toto power engineering owners and field crews alike have extensive experience in the industry and have worked on some of the largest concrete structures in the Bangladesh Area. Our highly qualified staff of Professional Core test in Bangladesh Concrete Cutters, along with top of the line equipment, allows us to core holes in diameters from 1/2″ to 36″. The work is performed using electric or hydraulic powered core drilling machines transported in specially modified, radio dispatched trucks that carry their own power and water supply. We use a Dust-Free wet cutting system, which creates a slurry that we vacuum up, leaving a clean work area. Our professional Core Test and Concrete Cutters are available 6 days a week 16 hours a day as needed to accomplish whatever Core Drilling challenge you have.