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Our engineers use the Ferro Scan to supply a quick, correct technique of crucial reinforcement location, size, and cover. not like GPR scanning, the Ferro scanning in Bangladesh can provide associate correct cowl and calculable bar diameter. Our reports are utilized by our purchasers for internal control and building acceptance inspections. They’re as well wont to avoid pricey injury caused by cutting through structurally vital reinforcement. we will give an associate correct depth of canopy measurements for reinforcement at depths of up to a hundred millimeter.

We can give on-the-scene structural analysis and depth of canopy assessment. The pictures will then be overlaid into CAD for consumer reports. That aid with future styles. Might be wont to avoid hanging reinforcements once positioning holes.Specialist micdivave radar detection of wind instrument, structural supports and concrete faults for specifiers, engineers, and designers across Bangladesh. From reinforcement location, concrete scanning, and rebar detection. we offer a good vary of Ferro scanning services in Bangladesh to business and industrial purchasers.

Combining the newest Ferro scanning ground penetrating radio detection and ranging system. The market with virtually 3 decades of experience in specialist diamond and music drilling. We provide business. Industrial engineers and designers across Bangladesh a comprehensive vary of wind instrument, rebar and fault detection services.Providing all necessary excuse and an intimate with operator on-site. We deliver quick, correct Ferro scanning service which might report in second or totally complete 3D imaging. Point out you precisely what lies below the surface of cured concrete, to a depth of up to 350mm. You’re assured to receive the best possible in reinforcement locations. Organ pipe detection services so you’re totally alert to what’s below your feet.


Call the specialists nowadays to travel through your own Ferro scanning in Bangladesh needs. We offer a large variety of services encompassing rebar and pipe detection reinforcement location and concrete scanning. Our team can make sure you get the simplest Ferro scan and Ferro scanning services.Just as the information from scanning will be analyzed and bestowed during a vary. How tailored to suit all style parameters and providing instant diagnostic results through. The innovative software package utilized in Hilti certified excuse.

The scans itself will vary in level of detail and time taken looking at what you would like to understand. Scanning at full detail takes time and produces an oversized quantity of knowledge. For several needs reducing to an easier approach is simply as effective and much additional efficient for you.

Quick Scan and Mark

The Ferro PS1000 is wont to quickly scan areas of concrete for rebar or reinforcement detection, alerting. The skilled operator to obstructions among. That may be merely marked on the surface of the concrete to guide drilling and boring. Ideal for a quick turnaround once you merely got to understand if you’ll drill into the concrete at a selected purpose. This type of scan is distributed terribly quickly with a minimum of apparatus. Its to be used on all concrete structures.

Full scan with data

Using a wider vary of apparatus and taking around 0.5 an hour. The percent is to make sure the foremost careful and correct readings potential. The total scan service produces a large quantity of information. 3D imaging which might be provided to you on a memory stick. Your website is transmitted to the computer via Bluetooth or will provide instant diagnostic results on-screen. Ideal for industrial careful reports with full 3D imaging. The completes scan approach is usually used. The foremost important components of construction trying in intense detail at a little section of floor, wall or different surfaces.

Pre-cast testing

An increase in demand service we often provide to the nuclear industry. Whereas our scanning analysis is used to examine pre-cast concrete units for cracks.Other elements of structural integrity. This service is right as a part of in-progress internal control or safety. The use of concrete is being tested in a safety-critical environment. Adjusting the T-Scan Unit is such that exposed and all-concrete stretchers.

Expert Ferro scanning services adaptable to your needs

We provide us vary of specialist services to specifiers as well as engineers, demolition firms, improvement businesses. Designers across Ferro Scanning Services in Bangladesh expensive and non-invasive concrete scanning and reinforcement, no matter what. Specialize in comprehensive service. Contact us today at the highest quality standards. Talk to our professionals and qualified technicians.