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Toto Power Engineering is one of the leading Construction Company in Bangladesh.Toto Power is an independent construction company, who start their journey in 2011. Civil engineering, Architectural engineering, Electrical engineering, Soil test, Digital Land Survey, Fire protection are the main strength of Toto Power.In present time, Urbanization and Construction are act as the two side of a coin. In a developing country like Bangladesh, Architectural and Civil engineering plays a major role. Based on Construction, Architectural and Civil engineering experience with live projects, Toto Power is one of the most mature construction firm in Bangladesh at present time.

How a construction company play a vital role in the development of Bangladesh?

Increasing the amount of Construction, Modernization, Urbanization and Industrialization is directly indicates to the development of a Country. A construction company is not build a structure only, its also ensure the best advantages of the constructions. Construction companies play a vital role in the development and growth of Bangladesh by contributing significantly to the nation`s economy, enhancement, infrastructural growth, job creation, social progress and foreign investment possibilities.

Importance of construction companies in Bangladesh:

Construction is an essential element for the economic development of any nation. The Government has been showing high interest in the construction industry. The government collaborates with construction companies. Many projects related to transport, health has been ongoing. Businesses, individuals seek top construction companies in Bangladesh for personal and industrial sites.

Some key aspects highlighting the importance of construction companies in Bangladesh:

1. Infrastructure Development:

Bangladesh is experiencing rapid urbanization and population growth, driving the need for expanded infrastructure. Construction companies undertake projects such as roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports, and utilities, enhancing connectivity, facilitating trade, and improving accessibility to remote areas. These infrastructural developments are crucial for economic development and raising living standards across the country.

2. Economic growth and Employment:

The construction sector is a major contributor to Bangladesh`s economy, generating employment opportunities for millions of people, including engineers, architects, laborers, and skilled workers. By providing jobs to a diverse workforce, construction companies play a vital role in poverty alleviation and socio-economic empowerment, particularly in rural areas where employment opportunities are limited.

3. Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and Infrastructure Projects:

Foreign investors play a significant role in funding large-scale infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. Construction companies collaborate with international partners to undertake projects funded by foreign aid, loans, and investment. These projects not only contribute to infrastructure development but also promote technology transfer, knowledge exchange, and capacity building within the construction industry.

4. Disaster Resilience and Reconstruction:

Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, and earthquakes, which often result in widespread destruction of infrastructure and property. Construction companies play a critical role in disaster resilience by building resilient structures, implementing disaster risk reduction measures, and participating in post-disaster reconstruction efforts. Their expertise in disaster-resistant construction techniques helps minimize the impact of natural disasters on communities and infrastructure.

5. Housing and Urban Development:

With a growing population and urban migration trends, there is a rising demand for affordable housing and urban infrastructure. Construction companies are instrumental in meeting this demand by developing residential complexes, commercial buildings, and mixed-use developments. By providing housing solutions and urban amenities, these companies support sustainable urbanization and improve living conditions for urban dwellers.

6. Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation:

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable construction practices and environmental conservation. Construction companies in Bangladesh are increasingly adopting green building standards, renewable energy technologies, and eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable development. By incorporating sustainability principles into their projects, these companies contribute to climate resilience and resource conservation.

In conclusion, construction companies are indispensable contributors to Bangladesh`s development journey, driving infrastructure growth, economic prosperity, and social advancement. By addressing the diverse needs of society and embracing innovation and sustainability, these companies play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for Bangladesh.

Diversified Clients Act in Construction Deal

A well-constructed infrastructure provides healthy environments for the labor force. It offers flexibility for increasing the workers’ productivity. An attractive construction attracts multiple business deal =s and investors. Construction is a diversified industry. It concerns itself with many types of clients. For example contractors, real state agents, suppliers, and many more. With all types of clients involved the construction industry provides effective solutions.

Work with responsibility

With the rising number of development projects going on, Dhaka is becoming more polluted. Companies are getting more conscious not to degrade air quality. Many companies have started sustainable ways to protect the environment from harmful effects.

Types of construction Companies in Bangladesh

Construction involves numerous roles such as the acquisition of land, design, execution, etc. Depending on what a company focuses on, there are several types of construction companies. Some of them are given below

Civil Engineering Company:

A civil engineering company typically offers to survey and design services. Civil engineering companies rather focuses on designing and managing projects. A construction company builds the structures designed by civil engineers.

Construction contractors:

Construction contractors are responsible for the day to day activities of the construction site. They are in charge of management, communication with parties involved, providing materials, and labor. Usually, they hire subcontractors to look after various aspects of the project.

Heavy Engineering and Construction:

Heavy Engineering and Construction companies undertake bigger projects like construction of roads, bridges and other heavy projects.

Industrial Infrastructural companies:

Industrial infrastructure refers to any site or structure built for commercial purposes. For example a factory, shop, power plants, water supply, etc. Industrial infrastructures require highly experienced engineers and architects.

EPC- Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Companies:

EPC means signing a contract agreement to deliver a functioning facility to the clients. EPC companies carry out the engineering design, procuring the materials. They aim to deliver the project in a fully functioning condition to the clients.

PMC– Project Management Consultant:

Project Management Consultant undertakes the responsibility of managing projects. A project management consultant has high skills, experience, and knowledge. He/she has to look after the project at various stages. He/she tackles serious challenges by a well-organized approach to the PMC. For example, organized lead material Issues, Safety Issues, etc

Small Renovation Contractors:

Small renovation contractors provide renovation projects with planning. They get the renovation done for small spaces like offices, buildings, etc.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies deal with land, buildings, and immovable properties. The real estate companies invest in real properties including its natural resources. There are usually residential real estate and commercial real estate. Residential real estate companies are concerned with providing healthy living spaces. Commercial real estate deals exclusively with business and workspace.

Project management processes

1. Project initiation

Project initiation refers to determining the objectives and feasibility of the project. This is a crucial phase to figure out the scope of opportunities for the project. If needed studies are conducted. The project initiation document (PID) outlines the groundwork of the project plan.

2. Planning phase

The planning phase consists of dividing up the teams to get the works done. The planning includes estimating the time, costs, and resources. The team frames out a strategy to follow throughout the project.

During the planning, the team produces documents to simplify the process

  • • A work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • • A checklist.

Once timing, budget, etc have been planned out, the team evaluates the risks involved. At this point, the team highlights potential threats. They find out solutions to tackle the problems as well.

3. Execution phase

The execution process is divided into two categories

  • • Executing
  • • Monitoring and controlling

The assigned team has to make sure that all necessary tasks are going on properly. They monitor the progress and make changes if needed. Most of the controlling aspects of the project depend on the ongoing activities.

4. Closing phase (closure)

At the final stage of the project, the team presents a project report, analysis of the budget and feedback. The final stage represents the closure of the project. The team has to give a proper report of the project to the client.

Three major problems faced in the construction industry in Bangladesh currently

Safety issue

We all are well aware of the numerous workers’ death in construction sites. It has been an ongoing issue. The majority of the construction sites fail to provide safety to the workers. The result is endless injuries and accidents. As a result, many workers hesitate to work on construction sites. Injuries and accidents cause a loss for the companies. They reduce productivity, workflow significantly.

A little effort could easily prevent accidents. There should be safety training programs for the workers. Commitment to worker’s safety could build up a good reputation. It could attract potential workers as well.

Technology Adoption

The time has come that we need to adopt technology in every field including construction. Everybody knows the countless benefits one could rip off from technology. Yet many construction companies in Bangladesh under invest in modern equipment. The early adopters of the latest technology have improved workflow and productivity already. We should not lag behind and start investing in the right tools. Otherwise, we would not survive in a competitive edge.

Stagnant Productivity Levels

Construction has been showing little improvement in recent years due to many factors. Poor planning, lack of communication and collaboration, late delivery of materials, and supplies are some of them. Lack of skills, training among the workers are also bringing down the productivity level.

Proper management of the project, communication, teamwork can increase productivity level.

Three major problems faced in the construction industry in Bangladesh currently

We, Toto Power Engineering are proud to be one of the best construction company in Bangladesh. We have a team dedicated to the effective management of each project. Most importantly we focus on planning, estimating the cost, timing, and potential risk. Then we make alternative plans for associated risks. We use modern technical equipment to speed up the process and increase productivity.

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