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A detailed description of the DIFE enlisted firm in Bangladesh of Factories and Establishments and the steps are taken to enforce the powers, duties, and laws of its inspectors are mentioned in Bangladesh Labor Law-2006. In accordance with the powers conferred under Section 319 of the Bangladesh Labor Act-2006, labor inspectors shall exercise this power which includes the ability of workers to enter the workplace and to inspect inspectors, record registers and documents and to interview owners and workers. The Inspector-General or other officers in charge may file a complaint in the Labor Court. Authorized to approve approval for construction of new buildings, acceptance of commencement of work, the grant of new license or extension of installation/warehousing, renewal of licenses and registration of workplace, etc. and inspection and establishment. Labor inspectors are within the power to provide notice notices and various sanctions notices for the legal development of the work environment. In the event of any emergency or anticipation of imminent danger, they may issue a ban notice. As officers of the Republic, labor inspectors are committed to working free of any wrongdoing and external influence.


  • • Law enforcement and To meet the ever-new challenges of implementation, the Ministry of Labor and Employment regularly reviews the power and special rights tests of labor inspectors and recommends appropriate amendments to the law.
  • • The mill factories and directorate inspection departments set a standard of conduct for the inspectors to create a code of ethics and goodwill that will play a role in maintaining their professional conduct.


The labor inspection system should be a joint initiative to tackle problems related to law enforcement and implementation. These include minimum general qualifications for field-level inspectors and technical or specialized knowledge of specialized inspectors. In this case, the inspection department should have a comprehensive strategy to maintain coordination between engineering inspection, health inspection and general inspection under the current framework. In addition to this, the department will have to recruit professionals with adequate and varied skills in the regular recruitment process.

The skills, abilities, and effectiveness of labor inspectors depend not only on hiring but also on the quality and training required. Trainees can be trained to ensure proper application of the power and authority of labor inspectors, identify deficiencies in documentary violations, establish appropriate remedial measures and appropriate disciplinary measures, and to attain the highest level of competence in the laws they are responsible for applying.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has already paid considerable attention to the training of labor inspectors. For this reason, training programs need to be strengthened by highlighting the practical priority of the law through the effective use of new methods of materials. Beyond this, training activities should be arranged at the national and local level wherever possible so that different interests can be arranged.

The quality training program will assist general inspectors and special inspectors without the ability to inspect and inspect various inspectors (such as electrical protection, lifters, lifts, boilers, construction structural protection, etc.) and specialized inspectors.

The following statements will be adopted to enhance the ability and efficiency of the inspectors:

  • • Adopt a dilapidated annual training program for inspectors for labor inspectors. The program will include a specific training module that will provide newcomers with sufficient knowledge and experience to perform their duties efficiently through both initial and ongoing training programs for a reasonable period of time.
  • • Provide preferential and risky (subject-based training in selected fields, child labor, discrimination, and undesirable work, etc.).
  • • To arrange for labor law and occupational health and safety by the employer on behalf of the middle row officers and labor representatives appointed by different establishments. The ILO and various local/international organizations concerned will cooperate in this regard.
  • • A modern training institute has been established by the Ministry of Labor within the framework of the Directorate of Inspection and Establishment.

Strategy, planning and goal setting and implementation:

DIFE enlisted firm in Bangladesh will determine the priority issues in the implementation of the law and accordingly, the full implementation strategy will be set. The implementation strategy should be determined in consultation with employers, workers, and other establishments and all concerned. It should be implemented through an annual inspection action plan, so that implementation strategies align with priorities and specific programs are adopted.:


  • • Sector-based risk assessment and risk analysis
  • • Inspection and accurate targeting
  • • Compliance implementation should be done in case of inferiority
  • • Publicity plans to raise awareness of labor laws and occupational health and safety and to reach out to all concerned
  • • During the annual labor inspection planning and implementation
  • • The index of inspection results
  • • Inspection guide, employer
  • • Compliance assistance for workers and their representatives
  • • Training plans etc.

The following steps will be taken:

  • • A national labor inspection plan should be adopted through discussions with the owners and labor organizations and other relevant national and international establishments.
  • • Development of labor inspection data management and collection of appropriate statistics, administrative records, and data electronically should be made to enrich the annual labor inspection report or report management.
  • • Regularly publish annual labor inspection reports by the Directorate (DIFE) and make this report available to the government, employer organizations / allied organizations and trade unions.
  • • Ensure proper equipment, equipment, and equipment for carrying out inspection planning effectively and efficiently with the necessary manpower, resources and inspection responsibilities.
  • • An annual budget should be allocated which is sufficient to fully implement the labor inspection program.
  • • Provide appropriate inspection equipment and personal protection and equipment to manage inspection activities safely and successfully. These include adequate funding for transportation, fuel and the nearby areas of the village.
  • • To increase and maintain the structure and geographical location of the Directorate (DIFE), which will provide the ability to perform the duties and duties properly.

Skills and integrated results:

Labor administration and inspection agencies need to be able to manage their activities efficiently and efficiently. For this, priority activities need to be set up and the strategies and action plans in the Compliance must be developed and humanized so that they can help implement these priority activities. In this case, the Ministry of Labor and Employment will have to ensure that the duties and inspections of the inspectors are implemented in the light of the powers and responsibilities given in the Bangladesh Labor Act-2006.

Outside of formal inspection activities (eg advice and technical assistance, notice for development, a notice of violation). DIFE enlisted firm in Bangladesh operates various administrative functions, mainly through its headquarters and through the district field office.

  • • To approve construction and expansion of factories
  • • Issuance and renewal of licenses
  • • Establishment of its own employment rules
  • • Take notice at the start of the work
  • • Management of arbitration of disputes regarding wages and wagesn

Major licensing matters for administrative reasons exempt from any particular section of the labor law:

  • • Fire Safety Certificate
  • • Environment exemption
  • • Certificate or certification of chemical and electrical connection security etc. as per requirement.

In addition, the Directorate has to provide the recruiters various questions and queries in the shortest possible time, with feedback and information via telephone, facebook or e-mail.

Why choose us:

Under the Ministry of Labor and Employment DIFE as a listed firm in Bangladesh is working in coordination with the owners, workers, government and various international organizations by maintaining discipline in the field of labor. Occupational health and workplace safety measures as per the provisions of Bangladesh Labor Law, 2006. In light of the then East Pakistan Government’s Labor Policy and Labor Department Air Vice Marshal Noor Khan’s report

  • • Department of Labor
  • • Directorate of Inspection of Factories and Institutions
  • • The trade union registration is divided into three parts

Through the glorious liberation war, on the world map emerged as an independent and sovereign country in 1971, our beloved homeland of Bangladesh. In the 45 years since independence, many factories, shops, and commercial establishments have been established in Bangladesh. The role of industry and trade in the national economy is increasing every day. Millions of workers are working in these sectors. As a firm listed in DIFE Bangladesh, a growing number of workers have been given the responsibility of ensuring the legal rights, protection, and health of the working people.

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