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More and more organizations are switching to the fingerprint attendance system in Bangladesh. There might be various factors working behind. But the main reason is to have a hassle-free experience and affordable price of fingerprint machines. The manual register is not only outdated but also there are chances of fraud registering done by employees.

Fingerprint attendance machine is a biometric system that uses fingerprints to record data, especially in and out the timing of the employees. It has replaced manual registers in many offices because of its efficiency. Automated print-based machines have been a significant part of, maintenance of attendance.

It is worth mentioning that the fingerprint system is reliable and secure. Some say that they have a higher chance of getting hacked. Reality is totally the opposite. The sole purpose of the fingerprint system is to identify authorized persons. Only the company that uses it can access to the system.

There is no personal information like social security number involved in the system. It only uses the fingerprints. The fingerprint of an individual employee can be deleted easily. It can not be duplicated or forged. Fingerprint usage in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

How does the fingerprint attendance system work?

The fingerprint system is a reliable technology for attendance tracking. Employees need to enter into the system to operate it.

  • • The fingerprint management system works in two ways.
  • • An image-based fingerprint system takes a picture of the thumb with a scanner. Then it creates data for each person. We refer them as a biometric template.
  • • Capacitive- Capacitive fingerprint attendance system scans the ridges of a fingerprint using electronic pulses on a touchscreen of the machine.
  • • The fingerprint machine then saves the unique features of a fingerprint and collects the data.
  • • Then the system verifies whether the fingerprint matches the saved pattern of a fingerprint.
  • • If it matches, then the login registration is successful.

What are the advantages of a fingerprint attendance machine time system?

There are many types of fingerprint systems commercially available in the Bangladesh market. Fingerprint attendance machine price is at budget-friendly ranges in the Bangladesh market. Fingerprint machines offer numerous benefits to an organization. That is why they are becoming more and more popular. Some of the benefits of having a fingerprint attendance system are

Accurate time tracking of the employees

This is one of the biggest advantages of installing a fingerprint machine in the office. Often in manual registering of office timing, employees tend to enter a false time. Or someone else does the job of proxy attendance timing. A biometric system is a better watcher. Everyone has unique fingerprint ridges and patterns. Fingerprints machines prevent time theft and help in time management.

Employee Accountability

There is no doubt that the fingerprint system works like magic in tracking the employees’ timing. It is capable of providing reliable and accurate data. As a result, it helps the employees in being more punctual and responsible. This advanced system can provide reports on the working hours, break times and in & out timings. This creates a situation of accountability among the employees. They are more careful about being on time.

Easy to access and use

There are zero chances of employees getting confused with the system. The concept is so simple that all it takes is a few minutes to understand how it works. The employees just need to place the thumb on the machine, and the machine does the entire job.

It scans thousands of employee data and verifies it. Along with easy access, the system is secure. It does not ask for any kind of personal information.

Helpful in payroll

Needless to say that the fingerprint machine stores the data of all employees. There is no need for going to the timing sheet during payroll. It reduces the time and difficulty of bookkeeping.

Increased Productivity

Overall biometric clocks lessen the inconvenience and contribute to productivity. Employers do not need to spend time manually recording the times anymore.

It makes the employees more accountable thus punctual. It also helps in payroll activity. Managing the business gets relatively easier.

Generates more Return on Investment

The biometric attendance system might not directly create more revenue. But it does eliminate a lot of factors that bring down the revenue. For example, it eliminates buddy punching, irregular timings and many more. These little aspects contribute to business operations. Hence it indirectly impacts the income.

Protects the office from outsiders

If you want your office area to be protected from outsiders invasion, installing a fingerprint system makes sense. This system allows only when the fingerprint is matched.

Hence only the employees have access to the office keeping strangers at bay. You could easily prevent theft and robbery taking place at your office premises.

Customized system

It is not necessary to install just one fingerprint system at the main entrance. You can install several systems in different locations within the workplace.

Downsides of installing fingerprint system

At the time the fingerprint system might not work efficiently. You need to consider the following drawbacks to see whether you can cope with them or not.

Prone to error

The fingerprints do not sometimes work, especially when the finger is soaked or sweaty. It rejects the scanning when the finger is either to dry or too oily.

False readings

Sometimes it is incapable of identifying an authorized person.

System failure

Sometimes you might face technical errors like power cuts and environmental factors.

Cost consideration

They are certainly cost-effective. However, small enterprises might find difficulty in affording one.

Why Toto Power Engineering

Despite the security myths, fingerprint systems are still the best system. Unlike the id cards, you can not misplace them. Or you do not need to remember a password.

Are you searching for a durable price fingerprint machine in Bangladesh? If so then, this is the right place to buy a durable biometric attendance machine. With a team of Research and development, we make a significant investment in improving our product quality.

We can assure you of the quality and reliability of our products. Our products are suitable for both small and large enterprises. To harness more benefits, you can link the system with Time and attendance software.

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