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The world is changing. It is changing constantly. Every day, there are new technologies being developed. With that, new problems are emerging as well.

Climate change is one of the most burning issues that the world is worrying about right now. The whole world is trying to find solutions to fight climate change.

We are one of the fighters, currently working on solar energy. We are a solar company in Bangladesh, introducing roof-top solar systems in Bangladesh.

Who We Are: A Solar Company in Bangladesh

We, Toto Power Engineering are one of the leading safety audit, consultancy, and construction developer firms in Bangladesh. Our criteria for works include services related to design, safety, construction, compliance, and so on. We offer our service to make improvements to quality health safety, the environment, and social accountability.

As we already mentioned, among many of the services that we provide, solar systems are one of them. Even though our country is not really familiar with the concepts of solar power that much, the world is continuously working to develop effective and efficient solar systems to fight climate change.

We want that our country also enters the realm of solar energy and thus ensure environmental safety.

Different Types of Solar Systems

There are basically three types of solar systems

On-grid Solar

On-grid solar systems are also known as grid-tie solar systems. This is actually the most common and widely used type of solar system by homes and businesses. In this type, batteries are not required and use either solar inverters or micro-inverters.

On-grid systems are kept connected to the public electricity grid. As a result, the extra amount of solar power that your system generated is exported to the electricity grid. For that, normally you get paid for the exported power. This system can occasionally draw energy from the grid as well when needed.

On-grid systems don’t function during breakouts. That’s because, if they did, it would be dangerous for people to repair the electricity grid.

Benefits of the On-grid System

  • • The on-grid systems have the ability to pull energy from the main grid. As a result, it can be considered as a backup. You have very few chances of ending up in total darkness.
  • • This system will be generating extra electrical power which can be sold back to the grid. The households thus make some surplus income through using on-grid systems.
  • • On-grid systems will be requiring very little maintenance.
  • • The procedures of the installation of on-grid systems are very cost-effective.
Off-grid Solar

Unlike on-grid systems, off-grid systems are not connected to the electricity grid. As a result, they need battery storage. To generate enough power throughout the year and provide a sufficient amount of energy fulfilling the home’s requirements, off-grid systems must be designed very appropriately.

These systems are more likely to be needed in remote areas, which are far from the electricity grid. These systems’ design and maintenance increase their cost comparing to the on-grid system.

However, the cost is gradually decreasing, so the market for off-grid systems is expanding day by day.

Benefits of the Off-grid System

  • • These systems work independently, meaning that any sort of power blackouts won’t be affecting these systems.
  • • For the rural areas which are very far away from the main grid, this off-grid system can be an excellent option for power.
  • • This system helps a lot to save electricity costs.
Hybrid Solar

This type of solar system is kind of familiar with the on-grid systems. However, it has special hybrid inverters. When needed, you can use power from the grid.

One interesting feature that hybrid-systems have is that during emergency power cuts, the backup battery will be providing you power!

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System
  • • With hybrid solar systems, you can use the stored solar energy when it’s peak evening hours.
  • • It’s comparatively less costly. It doesn’t even need any kind of backup generator.
  • • It helps to reduce power consumption from the grid.

Advantages of Rooftop Solar Company in Bangladesh

As a leading solar company in Bangladesh, we can offer you rooftop solar systems. For your information, those systems come with multiple advantages, here are some of them:

  • • Rooftop solar systems will help you combat climate change. They not only reduce a substantial amount of greenhouse emissions but also contribute to producing no pollution or dangerous effect on our environment.
  • • They will be absolutely durable and reliable, lasting up to 25 years,
  • • It doesn’t matter what type of solar panel you use, all of them contribute to reducing your power cost to a great extent.
  • • They require very little maintenance as well, for which it’s totally cost-effective.
  • • The amount of abundant solar power that comes with every sunrise is another reason to use rooftop solar systems.
  • • It can help to create some new job opportunities for the locality when you install a solar system on your rooftop.
  • • It’s simply going to be one of the best investments of yours. The on-grid system will help you earn some extra cash by exporting surplus power.

Why Toto for Roof-top Solar Systems in Bangladesh

Safety, community, and sustainability-these are the things that we always consider while providing services to our clients.

Setting a benchmark in professional fields is the main goal that we always crave to overcome. By choosing us, you choose quality, which also comes with the greatest quality that you can ever imagine.

So let’s start saving the planet from climate change and the following calamities. We are more than happy to help you with our best types of solar systems developed by our teams!

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