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With the popular topic of global climate change often popping out in newspapers, books, and articles, the solar system in Bangladesh has caught the attention of many environmentally conscious people.

Solar energy refers to the process of generating electricity from sunlight. Sunlight is an inexhaustible source of energy. It is going to shine every day. It is the electricity that runs your electronic devices at home. It is much more powerful than that. The amount of power the sun can produce could sustain us for a year if all of it could be captured.

The solar power system in Bangladesh captures the sun’s vital energy through the solar panels and generates Direct current, converting it into the alternating current with an inverter.

The most efficient way to harness the sunlight is photovoltaics solar panels. It is the optimal alternative to finite resources on earth. It makes the best use of infinite sources and causes almost no harm to the environment.

Types of the common solar Panel system in BD

There are mainly 3 types of photovoltaic or solar power installation. Each of them comes with unique features and limitations too. Check out which system is right for you.

Grid-tied system solar – Having a grid-tied solar system means that the solar system is connected to the public grid. This is a regular type for those to want to cut down some electricity bills. Since solar energy is excessive in quantity, this system automatically transfers excessive power to the grid. The arrangement of selling the extra electricity to the network through net metering is a great way to earn some incentives. Net metering will cost additional installation charges, but you will be saving much more over the lifetime.

Off-grid solar system – Once you pay for installation upfront off-grid system, you will be paying no bills. Sunlight is abundant, after all. The off-grid solar system is seen mostly in remote places, not having access to power supply. This is designed for those who are deprived of electricity for the geographical condition. The off-grid system is self-sufficient; hence, you need to consider the climate of the location. Because this is a totally independent system, it is combined with other energies like wind or water energy to avoid power cuts in an emergency.

Grid-tied with a battery backup system – As the name says, it is an on-grid system with energy storage. Grid inter tied with a battery backup is linked to the power grid like a conventional on-grid system. The battery addition makes this system an intelligent one. The abundant light often leads to excessive energy, which the battery stores up during blackout. A grid-tied system with battery backup is solely dependent on the sun; hence, it might not produce much energy during winters. The installation of the battery is more expensive because of the complexity of the design.

Types of the common solar Panel system in BD

Solar panels in Bangladesh are a really effective way to avoid extreme problems like global warming. Moreover, it is better to generate electricity in your own home, given the power situation in Bangladesh. The best thing about a solar panel is that it is completely free and does not require a lot of money to set up. Solar panels are installed on the ceiling or outside of the house on demand, and regular batteries are installed to obtain power backup at night. A charge controller is fitted with the battery because if the battery is not overcharged, it is able to give a good backup. Once the battery is fully charged, the controller no longer flows the current from the PV module to the battery.

One of the major problems with solar cells is that DC or direct current is the power that comes directly from the panel and the battery. But AC or Alternating Current is required to operate almost any appliance, including home TV, fan, etc.; So, an inverter is fitted that converts DC to AC. Most inverters work automatically. However, some of the latest solar modules today are named AC modules; Where the inverter is mounted on the ground. Also, there is a need to install the outside solar panel exactly facing the sun. To set up Solar Power Panels in your home, I would recommend hiring a licensed electrician, your work will be perfect, and you can enjoy free electricity in the next 15-20 years.

How does the solar panel in Bangladesh power system work:

Rooftop solar power for your home

roof top solar
  • • Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that collect the sunlight. When the sunlight hits the Pv cells, they absorb the energy and generate Direct current
  • • The direct current stored in the PV cells is converted into usable alternative electricity by inverter technology.
  • • The usable energy flows through the net metering. powering the devices at your home

This is how solar power work for you when once you install the solar panels and the inverter.

How do solar panels work for your water pumping system?

The solar-powered pump can supply you the excessive water you need for irrigation or livestock or any other large-scale water needs. The modern world is adopting more and more solar water pumps to yield a high quantity of crops. It is no coincidence that water is needed more during summer when the sun shines at its best.

A solar water pump is the powerhouse of solar energy. The solar panels consist of Pv cells like solar power for housing. Silicon is the fundamental ingredient of solar cells. When exposed to the sun’s radiation, they generate Direct current electricity.

solar pumping

Then the dC moves to a control box. The control box maintains the speed of the pump motor to ensure the best performance. It also controls the on and off switch with the help of a sensor. At the same time, it displays the system status. Moreover, it protects the motor from high and low voltage.

Having a battery as a backup is essential for solar pumping. The battery can store excess energy during daylight

Unlike the traditional Dc water pumping system, today’s modern solar-powered pumping is much more efficient.

What is net metering, how it saves you money?
solar pumping

A Net metering is the system that allows you to sell your extra electricity to the grid. As we all know, solar power system produces excessive energy. Net metering calculates the amount of heat you consume and the amount of energy your system is producing. It allows you some credit out of net electricity sold to the power grid.

When you generate more electricity, the electricity company pays you back for the extra electricity. Net metering is a helpful tool in calculating how much power you use and makes sure that you pay only for what you consume. Then you contribute the rest to others for which you are paid. Net metering can save you thousands of dollars down the lane. When you contribute some electricity, you automatically reduce the burden on the public power plant.

Major advantages and disadvantages of the solar system in Bangladesh.

WBenefits of solar power –

Sustainable – The fundamental reason why more people are switching to alternative green energy is to reduce the burden on other finite resources such as oil, gas, fuel, etc. Sustainability is a rising trend. The sun will be least likely to run out. We have improved technology for taking full advantage.

High return Investment – It is a long-term plan. Once you are done with the installation cost, it will sustain you for years and years, actually decades. Your utility bills will be deducted; there will rarely be any maintenance situation. In the end, it’s a win-win situation even if it seems highly priced in the beginning.

Support from Government – Governments highly encourage the use of reusable energy as it has less or no impact on environmental pollution

Easy installation – In recent years, technology has been improving drastically. Solar power installation has become relatively more accessible and cheaper. Moreover, they take up no additional space.

Disadvantages of solar power

Weather dependent – A significant fact that can not be ignored. The sun, of course, rises every day, and due to geographical fact in some locations, sunlight is not always available. The areas which are prone to hurricane, thunder, and rain cause impact the power supply majorly.

Space problem – For residential usage, the panels are located on the rooftop. However, for large commercial installations, plenty of space is required.

High initial cost – Sure, it is cost-effective in the long run, but not everyone can pay for such a large amount of money all at once.

Scarcity of materials – The materials which make up the solar cells is rare in nature. Pv system is more concerned with the materials.

Can I Use Solar Panels Without A Battery?

The fact that batteries for solar power systems are highly priced, most people have issues with battery installation. Battery installation is dependent on the system you are embracing.

When is the battery required?

Batteries are fundamentals in an off-grid system and hybrid system. The off-grid situation is detached from the power plant; hence, it is entirely dependent on the sunlight.

The hybrid system is an on-grid system with a backup battery. As the name suggests, the battery is unavoidable.

The on-grid system is a totally different scenario. You supply the excess energy to the grid. In reverse, you use electricity from the network when there is no solar energy.

So if you don’t want to invest in a battery and want to stay connected to the electricity supply on-grid system is the one you should go for solar panel.

Solar panel price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has the right climate to breed the solar panel power system. The geographical location is conducive to solar energy. Many private and Government projects have encouraged solar power to cut down the electricity expenses as well as to utilize the natural resource. In fact, solar-powered products are trendy here. From a calculator to the water pump, it is widely used in both urban and rural places. The solar panel price is high, Make sure to analyze the product and the outcomes. Invest accordingly.

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